Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ignorance is Bliss

It must be nice to be stupid. I mean really stupid, not like the ditzy blonde stupid that we are all so familiar with. I am talking about the blind to reality stupid. Sometimes I wish i could be that stupid. I would probably be a lot happier. Here is my theory, people who are truly ignorant don't think enough to let things bother them. That is my problem, ya see ever sense i was a little kid i would think too much. Yes i do think to everyone who doesn't believe it. Okay, i will give you an example to show you my thinker in action as a young one. Not only does this story show my brain activity, but it shows my cunningness. My mom always tells me this story. My mother, mother's friend and kid, and me were at a burger king play place. You know, with the balls and the slide's and fun. And my mom decided it was time to go. She approached me and as she did she told me, "Okay mikey, it's time to go home, i have work to do." I replied at the top of my lungs, "WORK! WORK !WORK!, ALL YOU EVER DO IS MAKE ME WORK!" As you can imagine, all the mothers looked at her like she was a slave driver. LOL. i love little mikey stories. Alright, that proves i have a brain. Now back to the whole ignorance thing. This anger at ignorance stems from people looking down at other people for acting in a certain way. I hate that so much. I'll give you an example. I am a goofy person, and if you didn't know me well enough you might think some of the things i do and ways i act are very odd, and you might think negativly of me for that reason, kind of like ohh that one is a weird one. And i see this happen all too often. I hate it so much, and it is always the Ignorant people who are tearing others down. I act goofy sometimes, but that is a part of who i am. I love being the odd one out. I was the class clown in high school and it's great. But see, i have enough self confidence to be able to do that. So many people don't have that confidence. And when they act a certain way, and an ignorant person tears them down, they are forced to act "NOT THEMSELVES" That is no good. Ya see, you have to be yourself. Act how you want to act, don't act like someone else wants you to act. Society has enough of a dramatic pull on our personality, why let ignorant people do it too. I dunno, maybe i am just babbling. This "BLOG" might not make any sense, but damnit it's the thought that counts.

M/S update.
I can feel my body shake. Not noticably, just enough for me to feel. Especially when i stand still, my legs just knock. I have been getting the "bad headaches" too.(bad headaches are really intense tension headaches) But, good news is i have been sleeping like a baby ever sense i started taking Amitriptline at night. The bad news is it makes me hungry. so now i will have to watch what i eat. It could be worse, i could be this chick.
Women again

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