Saturday, November 11, 2006

What a great saturday.




Okay, allow me to explain the three pictures you see above. A. is a picture of my garage filled with corn. The corn came from the corn field i woke up in when i got my OWI(operating while intoxicated) It turns out the farmer got a hold of my father, and my dad agreed to pay him $75 for "corn damages." w/e! So, my fathers logic went as follows. If i am gonna pay for it, i am taking what got knocked down. So he did, and now it is in our garage. Picture B. is the squirrel feeder my dad and I made at his school's wood shop. OMG it was so much fun, we went to the lumber yard, then got some pictures off the internet and just went and worked on it together. It was so much fun. Picture B. works like this>>squirrel climbs into little house area, through small hole on side. You fill up the jar with food, then squirrel enters jar and you can watch him enjoy his dinner. just kind of smart and entertaining. Picture C. is the spinning squirrel thingy of death!!!!!!! You put an ear of corn on one end, then when the squirrel goes for it, the counter balance weight spins the squirrel around like a ferris wheel. It should be quite entertaining also. My dad and i had a blast while we did it, and i dunno, it makes me wish we would have done more stuff like this through my childhood. I am really mad at myself for being such a pot head for such a long time, and wasting all the opportunities i had to really bond with family members. But, ohh well i can always make up for it.

I am going to buy my tickets to Las Vegas tonight. I got on and found some round trip tickets from Indianapolis to Vegas for $242.00 TOTAL!!! I will leave December 30th, and return January 4th. It is going to be so baller, i can't hardly wait..............but i will. ohhh boy! ME SO HAPPY

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Scott said...

Ok, this post was hilarious.. reminds me of when my nephew and i went hiking/camping and we saw a squirrel.. he said, can i kill it? i said, ya, if we eat it! so he picked up a rock and killed it with one toss. that night at the camp fire i got my jacknife out and cut the tiny little thing up and put the "meat" in with the beans we had. him mom even let him keep the pelt.. or whatever was left of his skin.

On the other hand... the other posts make me sad.