Friday, November 10, 2006

Leaves are Everywhere!

Picture taken via. Cell Phone.
Ok, i understand that it is the time of year that the trees empty themselves, but we did a removal on a residential property that was just out of this world. It took me robbie, and mark 4 hours to get this house completely cleared. 3 truck loads, and a lot of blowing. It looked good, but cost like $250.00. OUCH! It's funny though, i had fun doing it, it was just a lil crazy.

Last night i got a mad bloody nose. It was out of no where, and was a real bleeder. I want to think it is because i have really thin blood because of all the steroids, but In reality i have no idea. All i know is on the table next to the couch there was a gatorade bottle with a lot of blood in it that i must have been spitting up while in a have dazed sleep. Kinda nasty huh? yea. but i survived.

My parents are totally doubting me on the whole las vegas trip. They think i will totally crack under pressure, and take up the "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas mentality." I on the other hand have full faith in myself. I will go, visit with friends, enjoy the strip, enjoy new years, and just have a blast. I will do all this without alcohol, or any illicit drug use. Some day they will be able to trust my decisions, i just have to prove to them and myself that i can be above the influence. How many times do you get a chance to go to vegas and stay in a condo for next to nothing?????? exactly, i will continue to plan for the trip. And yes, i am very excited.


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Jackie said...

Mikey you are such an amazing person. Reading your blog made me cry. I am honestly considering not drinking or doing any drungs anymore. Love ya mike man!