Thursday, November 09, 2006

Learn something new all the time.

Life can throw twists and turns at you any time, and in many different forms. I learned a little lesson about basic human behavior today. And at a price might i add. Okay, allow me to expand so you can learn also. It went like this, we(Robbie, Mark R., & me) were doing leaf removals today. I was pushing robbies buttons, meaning pushing him closer and closer to being really pissed off. I do this because i am stupid and i love getting a rise out of him. Ohh yea, i just wanted to add that robbie is awesome, but if you piss him off he can be very intimidating and scary. Here is the scenerio. We pull up to a property that i have been mowing and taking care of all summer. Hence i "should" at least know the name of the street. When robbie asked me what street it was on, i answered him like a smart ass. "i don't friggin know", then i continued to mouth off to him. I was also eating a choc. pop tart. Robbie took the opportunity to take that pop tart and smash it into my face to shut me up. :0 The pop tart fell to my side, and instead of being smart i took the tart and bitch slapped it right into his face/eye........"stupid mikey" Wow, this really set him off. He immideatly smashed me in the head and side of the face, then continued to jump out of the truck to kick my butt. WOW!!! that was scary, i had never seen robbie that heated before. I quickly played confrentation mediator. I calmed him down enough so he would not knock me out, and i grabbed a blower. Now, understand my circumstance. I am pumped full of all sorts of steroids, and extremely emotional. Robbie scared the crap out of me, i didn't know if i should call my boss, or sit down and cry. Well, i started tearing up and grabbed a blower and started working. After about 15 min. of me crying he came up to me and appologized, we talked for a sec. and he gave me a hug. all was better, and i only love him more because of it. Robbie is a great person, everyone should have a robbie in their life. But, i said i learned something about basic human behavior. This is what i learned. In a time of extreme crisis, people convert back to their basic human instinct. Fight or flight. Robbie only knew how to fight in that specific circumstance. I knew to use my words. Human behavior is funny like that. isn't it?

Ohh, and for an M/S update. My mom talked with the insurance yesterday. I have a new case manager, meaning someone who will handle the butt loads of money they will shell out for a Stem Cell transplant. Yea, that is still sinking in for me. I am going to receive a STEM CELL TRANSPLANT to treat multiple schlerosis. huh????? LOL. seriously, God is so evident in everything i do. If you look for him, you can see him in everything. It is amazing, and so powerful.


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LucyBrown said...

You look like a mountain man in this pic.