Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bad movie, Good day.

Okay, allow me to explain this picture right away so i can move on. I took this pic. while in the Movie "Borat." Which by the way is a waste of money. and extremely innapropriate. There is way too much full male nudity for my liking. That, and the fact that it is extremely degrating and stereotypical. Moving on..... I experienced a lot today. I learned a very valuable lesson also. I learned that in order to be the metaphorical "bigger man." Sometimes it is required to tuck your tail inbetween your legs and suck up your pride. I did that very thing today, and let me tell you, i feel great. I righted a wrong that needed to be righted for a long time. When God puts a lot of strain on your heart to do something, it is very unwise not to listen. I am so glad i listened. I feel like a great weight has been lifted. It's awesome! I am not going to go into detail, but the moral i learned is simple. I will try to sum it up for ya'll. LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, DON'T MESS WITH THE REST.

Also, i got to see my good friend Ronee's lil be be. Wow, what a little bundle of cuteness. Seriously, this baby is beautiful. I also got a chance to visit with Carrie.(Ronee's Mom) That conversation alone was fairly enlightening. God is just filling my life with all kinds of support features.

As for an M/S update. My right eye is acting a little funny. Like the focus goes in and out for some reason. Right now, as i look at my lap top. If i just look through my right eye, it's like the "zoom" is turning on and off. odd feeling.
I think i am pretty tired though, so hopefully i will get good sleep tonight. I know i have one hella clean room to go sleep in. I cleaned the crap out of it today. Not literally, just all the dust, and moved my stuff around. It's very clean and smells super good. I'm tired though. I am going to try to go to bed. Wish me luck, i know the sleeping fairy wasn't with me last night. ;(



Paul said...

May I ask what you found stereotypical or degrading about the movie "Borat?" Not for the sake of argument but for the sake of good-natured debate, perhaps.

Male nudity and inappropriateness notwithstanding (those aren't even debateable points, you're right about them 100%), I feel that any stereotyping in the film by Sacha Baron Cohen is a clever way of exposing the corruption in middle America. When Borat is at the rodeo, it isn't his prejudices on display, it is the white Americans' when they cheer on Borat's fake anti-Iraqi sentiments. The idea that homosexuals should be taken out and hanged is suggested by Cohen, in character as Borat, and then wholeheartedly agreed with by the ranch owner. Wheter or not Borat says it first, it doesn't make it okay for the ranch owner to agree.

The movie definitely stepped way across the line in many spots, but to call the film itself degrading is a little inaccurate in my eyes. If anything, it is degrading to middle American racist homophobes, who deserve the same kind of consideration they give to people different from themselves.

Mikey said...

paul. First of all i wanted to say that i think your comment kind of came off with a snotty tone. I read what you had to say, and i can tell you are a really intellegent individual. BUT. I totally dissagree with you. I still stand firm in the fact that Borat was extremely Stereotypical. He stereotyped Americans. Not all americans would run from a guy trying to kiss their cheek. I wouldn't. I would prolly laugh, and go with it. Also, when a grown man has another grown man shoving his cock and balls in the others face, that is extremely degrading to many people. Some of which include homosexuals. also to males in general, because that is not normal, it is degrading to males. So, not to be argumentative, but F*** YOU. ;)

Paul said...

It wasn't my intention to come off as snotty, so I apologize if I did. It hadn't occured to me that the movie might be called stereotypical of Americans, so you got me there. Perhaps I didn't think of that because I don't feel connected to the racism and misogyny that is presented in the movie, and because of this it didn't occur to me that people from other countries might take the film as representative of all Americans.

You're probably right in that point and you're also right in that people like you and I, who have senses of humor, wouldn't run away from a guy trying to kiss our cheeks. You're also right about the nude male cock and balls fight being way over the line and unnecessary. However, I still feel that Sacha Baron Cohen was justified in lampooning the kind of redneck ideals that are so popular in America these days. Sure, there are plenty of people who don't put up "Secession Drive" road signs on their driveways or say that gay people should be hanged, but the sheer number of people who DO feel that way is pretty scary.

Like I said earlier, I didn't mean to come off as snotty and I hope I didn't continue to in my reply. I'm not sure how to read the last line of your reply, but I'm going to hope it was meant in a good-natured way and say f*** you too. :)

Chels said...

Hey, we had a "Bad Movie Good Day" Day last weekend... maybe you should just let other people pick the movies from now on.... haha ;)