Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Viva Las Vegas.

Okay, so today was pretty interesting. Seriously, i love writing this journal. I am like excited to just say whats going on right now. Okay, lets start off with the very near future. November 25th i will be going to Detroit to see one of my favorite actors/songwriters. Jack Black! In Tenacious D. It will be amazing, and i am totally pumped to go. Plus, i am going with my good friend Mitchell Burns. All will be good.

Jack black is amazing. Seriously what a funny feel good awesome time having guy. He has so much energy, talent. and stunning good looks. Rock out!!!!!!!!!

Now, to explain the whole vegas theme. I have decided to go to las vegas at the end of December with my good friend Gary Arnold. I met him in Traverse City when i went to college up there for a year. Talk about carma. lol. anyways, it works like this. We will fly out of Detroit prolly around Dec. 23rd. I know that is suppose to be family time and all, but big deal. I am going to have a blast. Gary told me that we will have a Condo in vegas, so our occomodations will be taken care of. And as long as my court stuff on the 1st goes well, i don't really see money being a problem at all. I mean, i never see money as a problem, but it seems to just be there when i need it. Lucky i guess. This could be a chance of a lifetime, thats how i am going to treat it anyways. Plus, if this whole stem cell transplant all works out as planned, i am going to be out of the game(life) for a while. There will be so much hospital, and yucky stuff, i want to be able to have an awesome time and make some life memories before departing to Chicago. I think that sounds more than fair. And as of now that is what i am sticking with. It will be great. I finally figuered out how to put the friggin pictures on my blog too. Don't you like um??? ;)

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