Friday, November 03, 2006

news, news, and good news

Okay, so today i did not go to work because i had to take care of some very important things. This is how my morning went. First, my dad took me to my 6:30a.m. appt. at the sperm bank. It was great, like it always is, and to be perfectly honest, i am going to miss it. It's my last appt. The lady in charge told me that my semen is very healthy and the counts are really good(healthy lil soliders;) Soo, thats some news for you, and my boys are well on there way to be cryogenically frozen untill i decide i want to create some offspring. O.K. so after the sperm bank i went to school with my father. It was great, i love going to my dads school, all the cool teachers love me, and i get to see and visit with my old band teacher. It's crazy how life works, like we had an o.k. relationship back in middle school, and he was a really good band teacher, but i was an ass, and a disruptive student, and an attention getter, pretty much a rude dude. But it's great now, i feel mature, and Mr. Drew treats me like i'm mature, lets just say it was very satisfying to sit and visit with him. Ok, now to the really good news, so the most important thing i took care of today was once my mother picked me up from Lane(fathers school) and took me to the place where my attourney is. I met with my attourney's secretary. I paid in full(cash) and so now she knows i'm not screwing around. SO, i patiently waited to at least get a 5min. never happened, and i started to worry. I was downtown all day hoping i could meet with her. So, this is what i did. I left one last message with the secretary. I told her about the warrent officers that came to my house on wednesday. And informed her that they told me i would have to turn myself into lockup after my steroid treatment is done.(this would be monday) I really was trying to avoid this. So, once i got out of the hospital, there was a voicemail waiting for me to listen to. HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!! it was my lawyer, she told me that she had accepted my case, and that she pulled my records and had the warrent for my arrest lifted this is awesome, now i get to go to columbus with my buddy chris, and visit my good female friend sara haines with a clear conscience. this is all very neat and good news. you might be asking yourself, why is mikey so lucky.......................all i can tell you is

so right now i am at my fiend andy's house, he is a freeking awesome person, like most peeps in my life. chris is sitting close, and things are just good right now. The hard part is trying to keep a happy outlook when things are not so good, this is the hard part. But, i am going back to see my old counselor to have him help figuer out a way to stay clean and happy, even when life makes me sad. Ohhhh, and people leave me comments, i want to know if i am actually updating you on any helpful information, or if it just sounds like a bunch of mindless blabber. ESPECIALLY YOU RACHEL & MISS CREWZ. :)


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LucyBrown said...

I thought this was just to get stuff out, not to interact with people?? :) Oh, and I'm not so sure how I feel about knowing so much about your "lil soldiers" lol! Have fun in Columbus and take care of yourself...oh and pack your own chapstick!

you mean I have to make an account to leave this comment?! For cryin' out loud!