Monday, November 27, 2006

break was nice/back to work.

Back to work. My brother in law to be picked me up around 7:30is. Got to work, chilled with the guys for a little bit. Hooked up a couple trucks & trailors, then waited for another worker to get to work. Once meirza got to work we headed out. Did some final mows, and cleaned up some leaves. It was a pretty slow paced day, but work is getting slow. I am ready for some snow! I really want to do some snow removal!!!!! woooo hoooo. LOL. I was super tired today, i didn't even go inside pizza hut for the lunch buffett, i just took a nap in the truck. today was slow, and i didn't even learn any lessons or anything

I am leaving for Vegas in 33 days, holy diver i am starting to get excited. I have 2 main goals, 2 very important goals. First goal=see the Blue Man Group. Second goal=go sking in Flag Staff Arizona, at the Snow Bowl. check it out. looks amazingly fun. Plus if everything works out, i will get to go with my good buddy Mike Gann. I met him when i was in Traverse City. He is awesome, and he is an Indian. He isn't awesome because he is an Indian, but that does add to his awesomeness. And i don't even care if awesomeness isn't a word, i am using it. Ya see, when we were in college up in T.C. we would go sking together, it was very much fun. So to be able to go sking with him on the vegas trip, would just be too friggin cool.

M/S Update
Today i noticed that my legs were shaking a lot. But only when i did certain times. Allow me to explain, like if i was standing still, and put more weight to one leg than the other, it would shake like crazy. hands were a little shaky also, they are actually shaky right now. Yep, definately shaky. And i was sweating so so so much today. It was nice out, like 60ish, and i was burning up at the first property, sweating bullits. I hate sweating so much. I didn't call Kate today, but i did call my lawyer, she didn't call back. I go to court for my OWI(Operating While Intoxicated) on Friday. I am not worried, i just hate our judicial system. I still have a bit of an authority problem. But there is a reason behind that. There is just so much corruption in law system. I hate it when i see cops abuse their power, and i see it all the time. UGHHH!!!!! never mind though, i have a cousin who is a cop, and he is a good guy. so i am going to leave it at that.

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