Saturday, November 25, 2006

Amazing day, no joke seriously amazing.

I just got home from a Tenacious D concert. It was at an old Embassy like building in downtown Detroit. Wow it was so much fun, but wait a sec. my day started off a little slower, lemme tell you how it went. Okay, so i wake up this morning on my own time. yea thats right, whenever i wanted, i had no responsibilities and it felt great. So once i moseyed on downstairs i made it to some food, then got cleaned up and called chris. I asked chris if he wanted to go down to my moms kitchen to make some cookies. He said yes, he always says yes. Then he picked me up and we went to the Kitchen(my mom owns a catering business in downtown fort wayne) I got to make a mess and some cookies with my little cousins. I love those lil kids, they say and do the darndest things. Absloutly priceless. here are some pictures of how cute they are.

Yea, so i got to play and eat lots of sugar this morning. But this is just the tip of the iceburg. My day gets better, much much better. Alright, after chris drops me off and goes to work, my friends mitchell burns, his brother tyler, and other friends Nick bregin, and Travis Slagel pick me up and we start our trip to D-Town. Otherwise known as Detroit. It was a very fun and entertaining car ride to say the least. We did typical guy stuff, and it was good. Then after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, we get into the place where Tenacious D is playing. It was an old old ummmm like opra house thingy, ya know with a balcony and all that jazz. So we get our seats, and they weren't too hott, so we got better seats that rocked hardcore! JACK BLACK IS AMAZING!! a must see for any jack black inthusiast......spelling is wrong i know. But i had a totally rocking time, and had a blast on the ride home. Those guys are all very cool. Not typical to the people i usually hang out with, but that is a good thing. If i am going to make a smooth transition from being a pot-head to someone who can minister gods word freely, then i better be able to walk both sides of the line, and not stay so "in the dark." it's hard to explain, but if you really want me to explain, then give me a call. I would be glad to. (260)433-1543. That is my cell phone. I enjoyed my whole day. I can honestly say there isn't one part i didn't like. Ohhh, and when i was at that concert there was hella Pot, and other mind altering drugs. I didn't even have a strong pull to partake. God kept the pot-head in me suppressed. Very cool. enjoy the blury picture of jack black and kyle gass rocking out hardcore.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey,
Just a note to let you know we had a wonderfull time there on Turkey Day. I am amazed, and you put me to shame with your testamony. I had a wonderfull time with you in the garage just talking. I guess I had not really got to know you that well before.
Reading down your post has been great experience. We will be keeping you in our prayers as you get to and throught the stem cell procedure, keep us updated.
Cal n Carla