Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today was good. Yep. really good.

Ok, so the morning started off normal enough, i really love it when the morning is just like all the rest. It makes me feel, well normal i guess. With everything that is going on in my life, it's pretty easy to ignor my awesome God, and feel bad for myself. But i really make a point to go on as normal as much as i can. So let me indulge you in my typical morning. I wake up at 6:30, sometimes hop in the shower if i am feeling frisky, then go downstairs and attempt to make a semi-healthy breakfeast. After food i get out my pill box, i set out all my pills i take, and swallow them all down in a big gulp of orange juice. Some mornings i watch the weather and pray it's not to crappy out. Then my brother in law(to be) picks me up in my truck. The reason i say "my" truck is because it is my truck. I bought it earlier this summer from a good friend at work. it kicks, excuse my mouth ASS!!! listen to this. It's a 1987 F-150. It has a 1990 something tranny in it, and a 302 V-8.
So i hook up the truck and trailer and get ready to move out. Today i worked with Robbie and Jessie a.k.a. Corn Bread, lol. I love robbie, but you have to know how to handle robbie, and i would have to say, at first impression most people would not enjoy him at all. Me on the other hand have come to love and really respect him, although i would never tell him. him and his girl made an absloutly beautiful child, and as soon as i can find out how to upload some dang pictures i will show you.

I had to be at the hospital at 2:00p.m. to get my second day of I.V. steroid treatment. I have to have 5. i hate them, they make me fat, i am hungry all the time, this is very depressing because sense i have gotten home from michigan, i have lost 35lbs. and kept it off. AHHHHHHHHH FREEKING STEROIDS!!! my mom keeps telling me it's only temporary, but i still hate them, and if i get in the sun at all, i am beat red for days, it's total crappiness, but i really do trust God, and so it's not that big of a deal.

I have a final thought to end this blog with. it's carma. i didn't use to think carma existed, but the more i live and experience everything life has to throw at me, the more i realize carma(what goes around, comes around) exists. So i really make an attempt to treat people good, even if i am only going to see them one time in my life. treat them good, leave a good impression. eventually it will come back to you. it just will. i'm happy.

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Mitchell said...

Mikey, your the bomb dude. keep postin cuz im listenin to ur thoughts here everyday the way im going to the tenacious D concert on 11/24 in chicago...U GOTTA GO DUDE!!!