Friday, November 24, 2006

wow, i'm a retard.

ughhh. I really get myself into some sticky situations. alright, so the night starts off with me and my mom going down to Boxed Delites and me helping her unload the car of all the stuff she used at thanks giving. ex. cookers, coffee holders, etc. So, once the car is empty she dropped me off at my friend Chris's house. me and chris had to go to the air field to help this dude get a plane into the hanger, then we went back to chris's house. Chris rented Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Before we could even start the movie, chris started acting funny. He was hott, then cold, then hott again, then back to cold sweats. Finally about half way through the movie he ran to the bathroom and puked. He puked a lot. This was a little odd too, cuz chris never gets sick. Okay, so i text my friend ronee, and ask if she can come pick me up from his house cuz he was sick. she said she couldn't cuz she already put her kid to sleep. I understood and made sick chris drop me off at her house. we chatted, then i gave her the royal treatment. Full hand and foot massage. I can work wonders on a pair of tired dry feet. The story gets better, well better for the reader, not me. When it was time to leave, i told ronee i was gonna walk home. She said, "no way, it's too cold, and thats stupid, i'll put elishia in a car seat and take you." i was like no cuz i wanna walk home, i like to pray when i walk home. And it's true i do. So i leave ronee's house and start walking. I make it accross State Road 1, and get to the first fence i have to jump in order to cut through some back yards. What do i do???? I drop my brand new phone, and it's pitch black! ahhhh, i am extremely upset, and searching on the wet nasty cold grass. It totally sucked, and i didn't find my phone, so i ran home. I get to the house, and walking in out of breath tell my parents what happened. So my dad drives me to the fence i jumped. I got out of the fan with my flash light and find my phone. So, whats the lesson? Listen to mom's even if they aren't yours.

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