Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Update

Now anyone can post comments, so feel free to do so. ;)


Scott said...


I got an email from Danny B, via Peter B.

I didn't think I'd hear from you again. I immigrated to the USA and live in Milwaukee with my beautiful wife.... where are you living at?


Carrie Van Daele said...

Hey Sweetie, you have been on my heart and mind all day. Mikey, God is still a God of miracles.

I shared part of my story with you last night about my biological father and his ways. The most important part of my journey was my reconciliation to Christ, totally, not holding back anything. Psalm 51 has been a big part of my healing process and devotion to Christ.

You have the personality power to influence people to follow Christ. God has given you a great personality to draw people into your circle of influence. Lead them to Jesus.

Pray for Ronee. Pray for Ryan. Pray for Elijah. Ryan really does have a heart for Christ. He, too struggles with the temptations of the world. Elijah needs both of his parents to be committed to living a holy lifestyle.

I truly enjoyed visiting with you, Mikey. I love you Sweetheart.

Mom Carrie