Friday, December 01, 2006

Freaky Friday

First off, let me start off by saying nothing about today was freaky. OK, i wake up and then i eat some breakfeast. Then it's time to go to court.........But wait, WHERE IS THE LETTER DOCTOR SAUDER WROTE FOR THE JUDGE?!?!?!? neither one of us(my mom &I) knew. were freaking out and running around the house like a couple of chickens with their heads cut off. SO, my mom calls the doctors office, and luckily they have a copy of it. When in reality, it was in the back seat of the camry under some stupid stuff. The letter explained how i am so close to getting a stem cell transplant. It was for the judge, and my family physician wrote it for me. Mark Sauder is probably the coolest and best doctor a guy could have. So, my mom drops me off at the court house and i sit in the court room for about 2 hours, then my lawyer pulls me out, tells me the game plan and budda bing, The next court date is set for April 10th. Buys me a bunch of time.

After that i go home and wait for chris to get off work, at like 2:30. Chris picks me up and we go to the hospital to have my blood tested to see if my liver is accepting the new medication. Hopefully it is. So, sense it is friday it is party time. right? we hit up 3 parties. First we started at my friend Brads house, it was fun and i got to see that "click" of friends. Then, we move to the south side of Fort Wayne, to stop by my buddy "shoob." it is his 21st B-day, and i get to see and hang with a whole different "click" of friends. Then last but not least, we go to my friend Brandon Heartzler's house. There is like a kegger, and lots of guys and chicks that like to play Dungens & Dragons................need i say more? We left that one pretty quick. I also must mention i didn't drink one ounce of alcohol, or partake in any type of controlled substance. Not only that, but I felt bad for the people who were. My heart is really changing how i look at that stuff. I love having such a wide variety of friends, because every party had a totally different atmosphere. I loved it. I am kind of tired now. I am definately ready to go to bed.

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