Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today was pretty normal.

I was lazy today, wait i did take out all the trash in the house.....well not all the trash i guess. I forgot to take out the trash can in my parents bedroom, and the trash inbetween the washer and dryer.............but all the rest i did. I did my laundry too!!! well, actually i put a load in the washer, and a load in the dryer, i guess my mom did all the rest. But i did put my old phone up for bid on good old That seriously took me like 3 hours, and i am pretty sure i made a bunch of mistakes. I put the "buy it now" price way way too high. And i forgot to mention specific little things about it that i should have. Ohh well, we will see what happens.
Actually, i just tried to look up the link to my ebay site, and i couldn't find it...........then i found out i messed something up, and i didn't even really have anything to bid for. That sucks, i spent a long time making it, and i didn't even make anything. DO'OH!!!!!oh well, i am an idiot. :)

Tomorrow i go to the viewing for my co-workers wife. It is going to be kind of awkyard, but i just want to show him i care. I got him a card, and I just want him to know i am praying for him and his family. I also told him if he ever needs a babysitter, not to hesitate to call me. It's just so horrible, it really is the least i can do.

Also, i tried to get a B-day dinner all worked out for me. My b-day is on the 18th, and i wanted to have John & Brandy,Merideth,Robbie & Blair, Chris, and Jared over for a nice b-day dinner. But everyone had conflicting time issues, so i called it off. ohh well.

If i could honestly have one thing for my b-day/christmas present, i would want this Stem-Cell Transplant. I would want to know for sure absloutly that i can get it, and that the insurance is going to cover it. Thats what i want, thats all i want. Everything else is pretty meaningless.

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