Tuesday, December 12, 2006

heart break

Today is a sad day. Horribly sad. Well, i will start off on a lighter note. Chris took me to Best Buy to get my bluetooth headphones. They work really good, and then i went to show this one guy my truck. He was on house arrest, and so he had his mom test drive it. LoL. I was inside talking with the guy and his mom came back in. She was hooting and holering, "I wouldn't give you $250.00 for that thing." She couldn't even get it to drive, now my truck isn't a luxery sedan, but she goes just fine. And the engine is great. But whatever, my brother in law to be can just keep it. I talked to my parents about having a birthday dinner. I want my sister Merideth to be there, along with Brandy(biological sis) and her boyfriend John. Also, Robbie(friend from work) and his girlfriend Blair, and of course Chris and Jared. Add my parents, and i have all the people that mean the most to me at dinner.

Now, I said today is a sad, sad day. At work, there is 2 mark’s Mark N, who is the owner, and Mark W. who is not another owner, but a lot higher up rank than normal workers. Anyways, my heart ache’s horribly. I was informed today that Mark W’s wife passed yesterday. About a month ago his wife was having health issues, they went to a specialists and found out she had holes in her heart. Mind you this woman is in her 30’s. She left behind a husband, and two very small children. I think they are near 1 & 2. I just can’t get it out of my head, they need prayer. A lot of prayer. I can’t even imagine what could be going through his mind. How do you cope with something so drastically life changing. I really don’t know, it is just a really horrible thing.

Christ is here with us, even in the worst most horrifying times. Sometimes we have to go through the hardest times to bring him the closest. Pray for Mark, and his family.


Michael said...

Hey Man sorry to hear about your co-workers wife, thats a really rough thing to happen.

But on a brighter note: I need to know exactly what day you're leaving back to Indiana from Michigan. I have friends going to snowbowl on January 6th but i think thats too late for you to join in on the fun. SOooo we need to pick an exact date. You should call Garry and find out exactly when we plan on going. Also we have to pay a 300 dollar deposit for equipment rentals but i can cover that as long as i get that back.

Anyways call me when you get a chance i don't work tommarrow.

Anonymous said...

I meant Vegas not Michigan.