Sunday, December 24, 2006

It really doesn't look a lot like Christmas

There is no snow on the ground. It is like upper 50's dang near every day. I really don't like this weather for many different reasons. I almost totally forgot to make my blog today. I think it is because usually when something interesting happens, i always think about how i am going to write it down in words. It keeps me thinking anyways. I like writing in a "blog" because it is a really good "out" Like sometimes i feel like i can better communicate through written words, than spoken word. Because you have time to gather your thoughts on everything. It is pretty cool. I am very excited for Vegas, and I know i am just going to have an amazing time.

Nothing even remotely fun happened today. It was your typical sit around watch movies with friends kind of Saturday. Which is alright, but really boring.

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