Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birth_day to me.

Yea, thats right. It was my b-day today. And ya know what? I enjoyed it, it was simple, but i enjoyed every bit of it. This morning i woke up to a friend telling me happy birth day. Then i listened to a voicemail from my brother Troy, Then my brother Travis called me. Then i got a text message from my sister Brandy, and then my sister Merideth called to tell me happy B-day. Also, today was Vision Scapes Christmas party. It was at the Munchie's in downtown Fort Wayne. I took my beautiful friend Brittany Brown. She is the foxy mama all the way to the right.I love my britt girl. I think if i ever had to kill a male, it would probably be for britt. I look out for her best interest 24/7 And i think she is starting to realize that. She is my sissy. And a total fox, am i right????
Anyways, she was my date/driver to the christmas party tonight. We ate, visited with co-workers, and when the guys were hootin and hollerin for me to drink, i decided it was time for me to peace out. Now, this is where I really felt amazing. As brit and I were leaving, i ran into Mark W.(co-worker who lost his wife) and he came up to me, and gave me a hug. He said he really appriciated my letter, and seriously my heart started beating faster. Not only did he say that, but he told britt. "you know he is a good guy? He really is." It felt amazing, to have someone who i look up to tell me how good of a person i am???? That is Huge to me. Ohh, and it gets better, i absloutly have to tell you what my mom wrote to me this morning in my B-day card, it made my eyes water.

Dear Mikey,

I can hardly believe

that it has been 20 years sence we first met

I fell in love with you when i first heard about

you, and the hope of you joining our family.

I am so grateful to God for the precious

gift he gave us. We have had an incredible journey

you are truely a perfect son.

I am so excited to see what God is going

to do in your life. He has done so much already

We will always be right behind you, cheering you on

to stay faithful and strong and proudly loving you.

That was my mom talking. Now i think she might have gone a little overboard on the "perfect son" part,cuz i can remind her of a couple of times.......But, that is huge to me too. I think if your parent can write words like that about you, you need to be a little proud. I had a really good birthday. I have been staying in really close contact with my friend Mike G. My friend who lives in Phoenix, HE GOT A LOT OF DAYS OFF WORK, AND IS GOING TO STAY WITH ME & GARRY!!!!!!!

when he told me that, i took happy to a whole other level.

I was at.....ummmmmm hapossummnesslesss, that is a mix of happy awesomeness power all mixed into one radical word!! Can you beat that?!?!?!?

M/S Update

There isn't any new news as of yet. But I can tell you that there is probably some insurance related person filing some paperwork, or at least making a phone call. Well maybe not a phone call, but i am sure they crunched some numbers.

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*bRiTtAnY* said...

mikey i absolutely loveeeeeeee you!!! ur in my prayers every night and u are truely one of my best friends i know i can count on u for ne thing and everything!