Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Feet

Okay, good news, and bad news. Which one shall i dish out first? I believe i will give the good news first. I just got back from watching the movie Happy Feet. I watched it with my sister merideth, and her friend Britni Costello. Here are some clips.
I can explain this whole movie in a nutshell. Ok, there are a bunch of penguins. They eat fish....then the fish start to dissappear. It is humans fishing like crazy. Then a penguin who doesn't like to sing, and prefers to dance instead. Not even dance, more like tap dancing. He follows a fishing boat all the way from antartica. They catch him, put him in a zoo. This is where it gets crazy. a little girl see's him tap dance, and shows the world. Then they put a tracking thing on him, and follow him back to all the other penguins. Well, then he teaches all of the other penguins how to dance. HORRAY!!!!!!!! Then they stop fishing around antartica. amazing huh?

It was alright, i mean it had a good metaphoric meaning to it. Which is don't make fun of someone, just cuz they are a little different. It's true, i would have rather watched big explosions, and guns though.

Ok, i did tell you there was BAD NEWS.

I got a letter from my insuranced today. It was really long and informative. But when it all comes down to what they were saying, I have been denied for the 2nd time. And they really don't want to cover the stem cell transplant But. We are going to appeal it again. God is just testing my trust, and i still trust him 100%. I am it it to win it. So, i will just have to wait a little bit longer than what i wanted. That is O.K.
I took this with my phone, then i sent it to my
computer via, Infered beam thingy. NO WIRES!!
Isn't that neat?

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