Saturday, December 09, 2006

great day--good movie--awesome friends

I've been having a lot of great days. It's great, but "knock on wood" when will it end? I always keep the thought in the back of my mind that everything can go right down the shi**er at any point. Anyways, today i got a chance to play with my new phone and really pimp it out. I can check my E-mail on it. Which by the way changed. It is now I love it, and it's totally kewel. After hours of being lazy and nerding it up on my phone, i went to chill with my good friend Tyler Morningstar. Good friend in high school, even better friend out of it. I got to go back to his "dorm" which was more like an upper class apartment. So, chilled with him there, then off to Chris's house. We went to see the movie Apocalypto. This is Mel Gibson's newest movie. I loved it, but i can definately say not everyone will. It is how should i say, amazingly graphic. or.....magnificently atrocious. those discriptive words seem to fit the movie pretty well.This guy was the how should i say, main character. He is pretty amazing. Talk about overcoming hardships. He pretty much is my hero. Ok, if a movie can totally piss you off, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you tear up with happiness, you know you have seen one heck of a film. I felt all these emotions and more. Where ever they filmed it is absloutly beautiful. I wanted to take so many pictures during the film, but i think the people behind me were not enjoying my film piracy. Also, i don't want to give away the good parts. I will give you one more scene, or picture. Scene below could have been taken a lot better, but i didn't have time to mess

with the brightness. It shows that the whole movie was in sub-titles. My friend Tyler told me Mel Gibson wanted to make a movie about the Aztek indians because no other director has ever tried to make a movie about these crazy forest loving fools. This scene takes place on the top of a Pyrimid, and our hero almost gets his Tarzen butt toasted. By the way, both of these pictures were taken with my new phone. It's pretty much the coolest thing in the world. I am such a phone nerd.

M/S Update

I think my eye is done twitching. I am really glad of this because it annoyed the crap out of me. My body in general is still noticably shaky. I don't know if it will go away. It's not a big deal, but. But, it is a sign of what the future could hold. I don't think i will ever forget the time when my doctor at the Indiana Center For Multiple Sclerosis told me. Something to the sort of, "if you take your medicine and follow closely everything we(doctors) tell you, we might be able to keep you out of a wheel chair before your late thirties."

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