Wednesday, December 06, 2006

yo yo yo i said wassup!

Today is wednesday, what a grand day it is. I got a new phone TODAY!!!! EVEN BETTER THAN MY LAST ONE!!!! I have a problem. "Hi my name is Mikey, and i am addicted to having the coolest and best phone." Say hello to my Motorola Q.

I could be worse, i could be addicted to drugs. ;) So i chilled with chris today, went to the unemployment office and filed for unemployment. Yea, i am going to get paid for sitting at home. Now that is pretty narley.Ummmm, i felt like crap yesterday, i pretty much slept the whole day. But thats all good. Laters.

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LucyBrown said...

Good luck with the unemployment thing. It's more work than you think! I filed for it, but never saw a dime because I got so frustrated with all the crap they wanted me to send them I said screw it! Then I started working for your mom :)