Friday, December 08, 2006

horray for the snow.

Today i started off waking up at 4:30a.m. I went downstairs, ate some cinnamon toast crunch, and got my warm clothes on. I was at work at 4:55 sharp. We started off clearing the walk ways of businesses and then salting them to prevent ice. I got back to the shop and pretty much cleaned all the work trucks, filled them up with gas or diesel, and made sure tire pressures were good. So i can say thanks to me there is a garage full of trucks ready to fight the winter element. My boss was glad with my work too. That is a very fufilling feeling. To know that your employer see's you put in the extra effort, and is happy with it. I really like that feeling. It's good for my boss too, cuz it makes me want to work my ass off for him. And bottom line, thats money in the bank. I like doing snow removal, cuz i can think really clearly with brisk cold air to breathe. And trust me i think a lot. Its the stupid little times that i have super short conversations with the Lord. i will give you an example. I was in and out of the work van/truck and the orange juice i had got really chilled. When i took a big chug of it, it tasted amazing and was very thirst quenching. I thanked God for the sip. People who are pessimists always see the bad in life, but me, i like to see the simple unique things. It's the simple things God provides for us that i really take pleasure in. Like orange juice, especially orange juice that is just on the brink of being frozen, but it's quite there. YUM.

M/S Update

I have some good news on the M/S side of life, I really noticed that i sweat a lot less than usual. This is amazing and huge for me, because it is so uncomfortable for me to be drenched after doing something simple like trowing ice on a walk way. I really do notice a difference, so that means some of these pills i take are working!!!

Friend Update

I am really thankful for my friend Chris, he is a really positive part of my life. Now, he is no soul mate like Jared, but he comes pretty close. The more we hang out, the more synchronized we become with each other. This is out of the ordinary too, most people just get sick of each other when your with them all the friggin time, but the more i am with chris, the more i see parts of him i really appriciate. Thats good.

p.s. i found a picture of a really big cat, and i want to share it with the world.

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