Friday, December 15, 2006

Close call

Right now i am writing this post in my boxers. There is a very good reason for this, I almost forgot. I was super tired when chris dropped me off, and i went straight to my room, cuddled in bed, and said my prayers. Then i just felt off. Ya know that feeling where things are normal, but something just isn't quite right. Then BAM! a smack to the face, telling me to write my blog. Today was a pretty emotional day. It was hard for me to go to my co-workers wife's viewing. I hate that funeral home. I was almost in tears, then i see mark standing next to the casket, in the same exact spot as it was for my friend Kyle. Just really hard memories. Then i walked up to him, gave him the card, and when i looked into his eyes, i didn't see mark. Then all of a sudden i couldn't speak. I always have something to say, if someone is down, in a matter of minutes i bring them back up. Not this time, there was nothing i could say except. I'm Praying for you and your family, and i will cintinue to do so. Then i left. It is always hard to find something good in such a tragic event. But lives could have been changed, even in that little funeral home. My God is bigger death. Big enough to take something so devestating and make miracles. And it is with that trust i will go to sleep with tonight. Thankyou Christ.

M/S Update
There is currently no new news about the Stem-cell transplant. Thats why i wrote it so small.

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