Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lucky Me

OK. try and grasp this one, because to be quite honest, i don't even know i pulled it off. Okay, so today i am chilling at chris's house playing with my phone, "like usual." When I notice that when i play my music through the media player, it is noticably quieter. Now earlier when i played music in the media player, the volume would go all the way up, and sound loud. This time the volume read 100% but was very quiet. Now, when there is ever anything wrong with my phone i am always very quick to call tech support and get to the bottom of the issue. So, i dial *611 and in moments i am on the phone with "bill" Bill had a southern accent, and was very polite. We tried and tried to find out what the problem could be. Finally Bill gave up and connected me with "Cindy." Cindy was from data support, and is a pro at PDA's. Well, it seemed my issue stumped her, so after about an hour and a half of trying to get the problem fixed, Cindy informed me there was nothing they could do.................except send me a new phone. Yes thats right, as we speak there is a brand new Motorola Q on it's way to my house. So, this means i bought a phone from a guy for a very cheap price, it had problems, and now i get a brand new one. I would also like to add, that the full retail price on a Motorola Q is $419.99. With all that said, i came to the realization that 1, Verizon really does have the best network, and 2, i am a lucky guy. Ya know what i have to say to that? It's carma baby.

M/S Update
Today i felt pretty shaky. For instance, i was sitting on my couch and i put my arms on the back of it. Like you would if you were stretching your arms to the left and right. Well i could feel the muscles in my arms twitching. I can only assume that is the M/S. But what does it mean? Will it get worse? Will it get better? I sure as heck don't know, but really, only time will tell.

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