Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Super Tuesday

Okay, very good tuesday. I worked this morning, it was good, i had a nice break, now i need to make some fast cash for VEGAS!!!! ~'whoop whoop'~ For shizzle!~!~~ it is going to be so much fun and i am getting really excited. Ummm today i went to the first Small Group set up by Tiffany from the new church i have been attending. I really enjoyed the first day.

Above is a picture of Tiffany Gerig, don't quote me on that spelling either. She seems really great. Very giving, very warm. She is well spoken, but includes everyone into the conversation. I felt very comfortable in a room full of strangers. well almost strangers.
The blondie in the long sleeve blue is kristin, she is 23 i think, and just started her student teaching. She is going to be a middle school math teacher. She seems very smart, and fairly confident. I got the vibe right away that she was "sporty," turns out i was right. The girl in the white long sleeve shirt is Kara, she is 24 or 25 and very polite. She seems very down to earth, i believe she will be another great group assett. Behind Kara back in the corner kind of hidden, is Tieana. Now i probably am completely off on the spelling of her name, but I did my best. She is probably the one i will be able to relate the most to. Right away we seemed to be on the same page. But, no judging here, just simple assumptions. The male all the way in the back is Chad. I am glad Chad is in our group. Chad is 32, and i am really glad he is a part of the small group, because even though he is not too much older, he is old enough to have experience in a lot of areas of life we have not yet experienced. But he isn't a parental figuer, because we know we don't listen to them....;)

There was one female who couldn't make it tonight, she is going to try to make it next Tuesday.

I had to include a picture of "yours truly." Look at me! such a stud. ;) Ohhh, and below is a poem i found in my closet. I was looking through some old pictures and folders filled with papers. I found this "Poem" in one of my old bible study folders. Now, I think this might have been written during my sophomore year. I titled it Perfect Dream, and if i can remember correctly I wrote it to express how i would see the perfect scenerio of meeting my biological mother for the first time. I like it, because i really put a lot of real emotion in it. Anyways, Enjoy.

Perfect Dream

I pull up in the driveway, my body starts to numb. My heart is beating faster, I am almost overcome. I have thought about her everyday, and ached to see her face. Now’s my chance to meet the person who brought me to this place. So much anger and resentment with confusion and disgrace. Along with those are feelings of overwhelming joy. This woman gave me a life to live, when I could have been destroyed. She must of felt the pain I carried, all those growing years, she had to have the emptyness, along with all the tears. But now I must not reconcile, I have a choice to make. So I open up the door, my first step towards fate I take. I ring the doorbell slightly and I really start to shake. Right now is the moment, which will either make or break. I stay with my decision, and wait to see her face. The old door opens slowly, and the shadow fades from gray. Before I say a word to her, she had something to say. She didn’t want to buy a thing, at least not from me today. I muster up the courage and told her my birth date. Immediately she knew the truth, there stands her baby boy. All grown up looking, mature and well. I’m overwhelmed with joy. The tears they just start pouring, she hugs me her first time. The empty spot within me is filled, and I feel completely fine. That night I really understood the decision that she made. You can call it giving up a child, I call it saving grace. God put me with my family, and I feel like I belong. But getting those questions answered was what I needed, and forever what I longed. This story is compassion, and really hidden truth. Some day I know I’ll understand and I’ll find my mother there, with her arms outstretched to greet me, to show me she does care.

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