Monday, December 11, 2006

Its Monday once again.

First, I must say what is on my mind at this very moment. That is “of course” the fact that I am leaving for Vegas in 20 DAYS!!!!!!!!! Wow, and I found someone who might want to buy my truck for $500.00 this would be very awesome, cuz I only paid $900.00. I want some cash in my hand for Vegas. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! Ohh yea, I am in the process of totally pimping my phone out. Today I bought a one Gig, of removable memory. Tomorrow I am going to get these headphones.

Let me tell you why these headphones aren't your ordinary headphones. First off, there is no cord. They will be connected to my phone through bluetooth. Secondly, they provide superior sound quality. But, lets say i am listening to music and i receive a phone call. Well that is no problem, i tap a button on the left ear. It pauses my music, then i just take my call hands free through the headphones. Does it get any better than this? Well i can tell you what could get better. The price for these lil mobile ear speakers is a wopping $130.00. Yes, thats right and i am more than willing to pay it.

M/S Update

Today when i was waiting in line at Best Buy I noticed my legs shaking fairly violently. It's weird, cuz the only time they shake like that is when i am standing perfectly still. Its odd, cuz whenever my body is in a neutral position i shake. I still havn't heard any updated news about the Stem Cell transplant. As far as i know the main nurse, KATE wrote the first appeal, and is waiting to hear back from the insurance. I still feel very confident that this is what God wants me to do. Way to many doors have been opened. But, even if it doesn't work out i know it will all work out.

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