Monday, December 04, 2006

A Lesson on God...and friends......and Life

Wow, I have really learned a lesson about god tonight. The closer I feel my relationship getting with god, the more I see how much he wants to be a part of my everyday life. God wants you as a simple sinner. Because that’s what I am when it all comes down to it. A simple sinner. All I am, and all god has made me to be is good enough. That’s the amazing thing about God, he created you, and loves every part of you. He knows all the little tiny parts of you, and loves them. HE IS THE ONE WHO MADE THEM!!! A simple sinner. You almost have to break it down, like you would for a little child. What am i? A simple sinner. God still wants me? Plain old everyday me, an idiot and a sinner? The more I realize that’s the beauty of God. LOL. Is stupid really. How simple is it. And I love how something as simple as spending time with my friend chris allows me to see that. Chris is a sinner just like me, we make a lot of the same stupid mistakes. Sometimes we even make those same stupid mistakes together. But I think it’s really neat to see god work through the same stupid stuff. Ya see, non Christians are so quick to say “well you can’t sin because that makes you a hypocrite. I want to say yea, your absloutly right, I am a hypocrite. But God knows that, and still loves me. He said he would, you can’t let something as stupid as being a hypocrite keep you from loving god to the fulest. I guess I learned a couple of things tonight when it all comes down to it. God knows I am a sinner, and loves me even though I am an idiot. AND!!!!!! He wants to be a part of my every day idiot life. You can’t just shut God off. So why not let him be a part of your every day life. I think that’s when you can really grow as a Christian. And I can say that with confidence. I have struggled a lot with God and my Christianity. But as long as I am willing to let god struggle right along with me, I am doin alright. He says so in the word, and that has proven itself to me time and time again.

Right now in my life I am seeking out small groups from pathways, and that is goin good. And I am feeling led to go to Pathways, and it really is an amazing church. I can really tell God is working in a huge way there. I am seeking out small groups because I know having a close knit group of Christians is the only way I can keep myself accountable. That is just reality. I really feel like God is working in my life, and it’s awesome to see how god works in the stupidest little everyday things.

M/S Check
The M/s isn’t different much. My hands are still shaky, and when I stand in one position for a while, my legs really start to knock together. Also, I can see how damaging M/S can be to every day thinking. I notice really small things I do start to change for the worse. I am extremely in tune with my body, and I notice really small changes in my own behavior and way of thinking.

Friend check
Why do I get so much satisfaction out of making people happy? All my life I have stayed true to my closest friends, and they have never let me down. And i get so much from making them happy. It’s really a win win situation. I make them happy, they make me happy. It’s the perfect balance, and they don’t even have to do anything except take my kindness. When that’s all done and said, I guess I just have to say thankyou for friends God.

p.s. I could really use a couple words of support if any of this stuff i write in this "BLOG" makes any sense.

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Drew said...

Mikey, I've been reading your blog almost every day since Thanksgiving. Glad to see God working in your life like He has been. I'm sure it's a huge commitment to keep the blog up to date every day, so just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work as there are people out there reading it!!!!