Saturday, June 30, 2007

Had a great Bon Fire today.

Today one of my older brothers, Troy had a bon fire at his house. It was really cool, and we planed it out together so that I could bring my parents and they could meet him for the first time. It was a lot of fun. Both of my brothers were there. Travis, and Troy. Both married, both have beautiful kids. I will try to explain the people in the picture. Close right hand corner is Chris of course. Behind Chris is my dad. In the lower left hand corner on the couch is Travis and his wife Amber. On the far back wall all the way to the left is Grandma and to the right of her is my older brother Troy. To the right of Troy is my sister Brandy, and my brother in-law to be John. At this point we were inside talking, looking at pictures, and just enjoying each other. My mom got a chance to see a picture of my Biological father. She was immideatly taken by how much we look alike. It is in deed a little suprising to see someone much older than me, someone you haven't ever seen before that looks so much like me. It's almost a little creepy.
Next we went outside and had some Hot dogs and smores, and good food. In a little bit we will start playing with the fireworks that John bought. This only leads to what could be called wreckless make your own opinion though.Alright, I don't know if you are familiar with Males, and shooting off fireworks. But it usually goes like this...oooooo, ahhhhh, wow neato!............Can't we do any better than that? "HEY, I GOT A GOOD IDEA!" Well, this is exactly what happened, and soon we had a Barney doll filled to the brim with Gun Powder, and soon my brother in-law to be had stuck a bottle rocket up Barney's butt, and took off. Yes, thats right........and it was amazing. Watch the video below.

So, with Troy (big brother), we haven't gotten any DNA testing done, or anything of that sorts, but the fact that he enjoys doing something like this as much as I proof enough for me. I had a really good time today. :-)

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