Monday, June 18, 2007

Time flies when your having fun.

Today is the 31st day I have spent in China. I think because I have managed to stay busy with so much of my time, and constantly meeting and attempting to communicate with people all the time. It has really sped time up. This is good and bad, I will tell ya why. It's good because I have been extremely social and met some incrediable people, both English speaking and not. It has allowed me to see life through the eyes of some traditional Chinese individuals and families. The fact that time has been going so fast is a negative because I am going to have to leave the place that I have grown to love. I sure wish I had a legitimate reason to stay here, and money to allow me to. But, I am needed back home by some of the people who love me, and I will just make the best of whatever the situation I am in.
Today I was feeling a little scrubby. I took a walk and got a hair cut. The hair cut involved a hair wash before the cut, a hair cut, another hair wash, and then hair styling. All for 10RMB which converts to $1.32 in American dollar. That still stuns me. They don't take tip's and they are serving you the whole time with a smile on their face.
The dew looked good. The girls won't touch my hair either I have noticed. They always call in the dude to cut my hair or beard. He is good too. I was pleased. I think he was kind of nervous too, because when he got out the mirror to show me the back of my head, he had this look on his face like he thought I wouldn't approve. I did approve, and with a big smile, I gave him the thumbs up and shook his hand. After that I went back to the hospital room and waited for this lady named Melonie. My mom and Gabbie met her and a man from the UK yesterday, they have proved to be quite helpful and they took us out to eat for lunch. It was really good and a lot of fun.
Here is Melonie and my mom in the hospital room before we left to do some shopping. I needed to get some pictures developed at one of the quick digital develope places, and she said she knew of a really good one. BUT, turns out when we go to it, it was burnt down. Thats too bad, I never did make it to a photo shop today.
Here is a picture of me, Melonie, and Chris (gentlemen from the U.K.) On the other side of the table we have the lovely....
Gabbie and mother dearest. We had a great time, got there prolly 1:45 and didn't leave till 4:35. We heard great stories, had interesting conversation, and I would say it's pretty safe to say we made some new friends. Chris invited me to go out again with him and his Australian buddy one night before I leave for home. That should be fun too. I had to leave because I had to get my final Umbilical Cord Stem Cell I.V. So I took a taxi for the hospital, and my mom, Gabbie, and Melonie went out shopping.
I got my stem cells in their little Beike box, and the nurse hooked me up to my I.V.
I can't believe it is my last stem cell treatment. But it is. I got one bone marrow injection using adult stem cells from my own body. That was injected into my spinal fluid. Then I got one Umbilical cord stem cell injection injected into my spinal fluid. Then I got 3 Umbilical cord stem cells injected via I.V. Time will tell from this point on wheather or not I will see any physical improvements due to the treatment. It's all good.

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hey there mikey! it's great to see how wonderful things are and the time you are having! i know mahaley will love hearing about your rafting trip! i was wondering you think you could bring the massage lady home with you? that sounded so wonderful and such a great price to! i was kinda jealous when i read how long it was! LOL. we all miss you, and i know we all will have stories to exchange. just wanted to get in touch and letyou know you are being thought of! God bless, and keep you safe! amy