Tuesday, June 26, 2007

it was a hot one today

Today it got up to like 95 degrees. The whole day though, all I could think about is how much I wish I was working. I want to be back on a regular schedule.
This morning at 9:00 I had to be at court. Yes court. Last **September** I got an OWI, (Operating While Intoxicated) long story short MS was hitting me kind of hard, and I didn't know how I was going to deal with. Instead of dealing with my emotions and thinking about my options, I got a 24 pack and drank, and then decided to drive my moms car. Well, I ended up in a corn field with flashing lights around me. Back to today, I went to court, which has been pushed back and back and back. My lawyer asked me if I needed more time. I said NO, lets just get this over with. So I have to take alcohol classes, and bring proof that I paid the corn field owner for the corn that I knocked over. We will see how this all works out. But hopefully I take some classes and it's over.
I miss China. Everyone someone asks me if I am glad to be back....I hesitate, and say something like, "well, I am happy to see my friends and what not." Deep down inside I am thinking something along the lines of, "I wish I wasn't back in Indiana." But the big guy is in control, and he brought me back home for now. I can be okay with that. Hopefully I will be working back at Vision Scapes on Monday. That would be great. Time will start going faster and that would just be great.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while, don't think I've commented before.
Don't mean to bring up bad memories or anything, but didn't you do the same thing (cornfield/OWI) before your trip to China?

Mikey said...

You aren't bringing up any bad memories. The bad decisions I have made in the past eventually become "water under the bridge." I do put emphasis on "in the past." The corn field/OWI was from back in September 2006. But, because of all the stem cell preperations I was going through at the time, I had to keep pushing back all the court dates.

Anonymous said...

It says you got an OWI last saturday, when I think you meant last september in the blog, that might be where the confusion is coming from. You might wanna watch that there.