Sunday, June 03, 2007

today is BLOG 201!

Yep, it's official, I have blogged 201 times. Wow, this feels amazing. Most people don't even know what a blog is.....BUT the fact remains, I have done it 201 times! Today was great. I woke up and decided it was time for me to feel better. SO, I did. I got up, took a shower, and felt better. The morning started off by most of the American's going to the Sheraton. It was really fancy, but to be perfectly honest. The amount of money we spent for breakfast in that 5 star hotel, we could have eaten regular Chinese breakfast for a week!The Sheraton did have really good food. I am just saying that I don't care about food enough to pay American prices while I am here in China. Yep, so thats my thought on that.

After I got back from breakfast I decided to travel to the far side of the park. I wanted to see what it had to offer. It had a lot to offer, and I had soooo much fun.

I found another activity that involves no communication what so ever. PING PONG. Rules are the same as in the states, and it is twice as fun when you are playing with someone else who doesn't care about score or winning. Once I started sweating like a piggie out in the sun. The lady noticed and told me I could take off my shirt. Well, as if I didn't stand out enough, now I was really attracting everyone over. Seriously, crouds of people were drawn to this site. LOL. it was classic.

The lady in the blue was the one playing Ping Pong with me, and her grand daughter and her husband. He got a kick out of me. This little Chinese girl just wanted to practice her English and get her picture taken with the tall funny looking American who plays Ping Pong with no shirt on.

After the park experience, my mom and I went to the Shenyang International Church. It is for Passport and Green card holders only. It was great. I learned a valuable lesson about worship time with God also.

The picture quality is bad because the lighting was not so hott. But the lesson is still as valuable as ever. These three people worshiped God with hearts of praise. They exhaulted him in broken English and If they sang one Key correctly I would be amazed. But it doesn't matter. Any praise or worship music sung to our creator is beautiful music regardless. I learned not to let stupid things like how music sounds get in the way of praising the King of the Earth. I can think of several times where I left Church back at home saying...."man, worship time wasn't too hot today." WOW, that will never happen again. I had a connection at this church with God. Singing the most simple worship songs, with people who just wanted to praise the creator. Very powerful stuff.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to read your blog every day cause the internet access sucks at cedar point, but I try to catch up when I can. Just to let you know-you and your friend Lynn are always in my prayers! I miss talkin to you and I can't wait till you get back and make that *promised* visit! E-mail me if you have time sometime and let me know how you're doin-

Best of luck and you're always in my prayers bud-

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say,hello! haley cann't wait to see you soon, and JD is getting big, you will have to see to believe it!! it's so great to see how God is working around, thru, and in you. i've always been told that what you go thru and face will utilmately help lead others (who are facing situtations like what you have) to the amazing grace of our GOD and ofcourse the amazing love that Jesus has for us. be like paul, who used his situations to bring others to GOD even in a jail cell( he was able to reach people that others couldn't) use this time and what you are doing to plant seeds in those around you! i hope this encourages you! take care little bro, and know you are in our prayers. we all love you, amy... troy's wife!! lol

Anonymous said...

Again I am strenghtened by your determination and courage. Your blog is inspiring. Be well, and God Bless YOu. You're in my prayers. Jamie(Long Island)