Saturday, June 02, 2007

I think it's a sign.

Well, today was extremely laid back. After yesterday's close call with what I think could be the start of some flu like symptoms. I decided to take today off. So, this morning I woke up and kept on laying right in bed. No acupuncture, no activity, just laying, movies, and nodding off and on. I was hot, then cold, then comfortable for maybe 15 minutes, then hot again. It went on like this for a long time. Finally around 3:00pm I decided it would be a good idea for me to get up and take a shower. I felt a little bit better after the shower. I am just experiencing like cold sweats, and just general uncomfort. I seemed to be really physically drained too though. It all worked out for the better though in my opinion. Ya see, a lot of the Americans that I have become close with are leaving the first of the week. SO, tonight is their farewell night. They are planning on partying it up and well, I am relieved that I have an excuse not to join them.

SO, about 8:00 rolls around. After my mom made some amazing food for me and the neighbors. After I had rested and what not. There is a knock knock at the door. I was in the bathroom at the time, but my mom answered it, and then I hear in broken English...."Is Mikey to here?"

Some friends I had met the night before brought their friends, and decided to come and "chill" with them. I was very happy to see them. We talked, laughed, and tried our best to understand each other. They are extremely nice, and one thing I managed to accomplish was to ask their permission if I could do individual interviews with the ones who are receiving stem cell treatment. They both agreed, I even asked if I could publish my interviews with them on my Blog, and they both agreed. I think they were even a little interested/excited to do so. Placing our hands on top of each other is a sign of friendship. Both men in wheel chairs were both in car accidents. They both suffered spinal cord injuries. The man to the left was a policeman, and has a little less disability then the man in the yellow shirt. They are both very fun, and really neat individuals. I can't wait until I have a translator so I can learn a little more about their specific situations. This was all for today.
Here is a little something I wrote a couple of nights ago. I wrote it after my mom and I had a chance to talk about whats going on in my life and just talk talk. It was later in the evening, and the Internet connection from my bed was not strong enough for me to add it to that days blog. SO, we will call it the late addition, addition.
~Late Addition, Addition~

I was just lying in bed here in the hospital room. And, well I had a tugging on my heart to write a little bit more. SO, this is my late addition. My mom and I were just talking about my life. Ya know, in just the 20 years I have been on this green earth. I have experienced a lot. I have had a lot of people influence me. Some in good ways, some in not so good. But through it all, one thing stayed tried and true. GOD’S GRACE. I think that is why the BLOG title is so fitting. Surrounded By Grace. I always have been. And I think it is starting to become clear why. Just like Mom and Dad have always said. “Mikey, God is going to make something great out of you.” Take my situation right now for instance. God brought me to China for this treatment. He provided the money, and he provided the strength in me to carry through with everything. He gave me an amazing mother to keep me accountable, and he gave me a support system to keep me focused. Wow I am blessed. And I will not take that for granted anymore. He gave me Lynn. I have learned something very powerful from Lynn. NEVER GIVE UP! It doesn’t matter what your circumstance is. You could have been in a car accident, sports accident, you could have been physically or emotionally beaten, you could have alcoholic parents, the most horrible things could have happened to you. BUT, you can’t give up. If you do, what good does that do for anyone? I think just being strong like Lynn; Moves Mountains. Lynn and I wear matching necklaces. Every time I feel it rub against my chest, I say a prayer for her. God, be with Lynn. Let a miracle take place in her body. Maker her legs come back to life Lord. He will too. He is that good. ….. And my eyes start watering

That’s all I have to say.


Anonymous said...

Hey there little brother, I am just sitting here at work and I thought I would check in to see your progress. Hope you get feeling better soon, and glad to see that you are doing well.

The Hands said...

Hey Mickey,
We got your blogspot from Beth. I had looked at it briefly before you left and then one Sunday morning about the time you had started your headaches on Saturday, I had this overwhelming urge to pray for you. God knew you needed a little extra that day!

I feel like I've learned a lot about you though I've never met you. God has given you a trememdous heart for people! That is not something that every 20 yr. old has. I'm sure that your parents have helped to instill that into your life also.

As I read through your 20 yr. old struggles, I can indetify with many of them even though that was 15 yrs. ago for me. Especially the need for a companion of the opposite sex. Be patient, God does have an amazing plan for your life just like your mom says. Someday we may be able to tell you how God brought us together after so many years of being alone.

So just remember, God is hearing from AK on your account! May you experience the healing from the Great Physician that He has in store for you (think big picture!).

Anonymous said...

God is good! Praise God for your testimony and the way you touch others.

Anonymous said...

Hey little bro. I have been reading your blogs on a daily basis. I have tried e-mailing but been real busy with the ministry at church. I just want to tell you that we serve an awesome GOD. He will do wonderful things for his children. All we need is to go to him and ask. Keep your faith strong and never give up. Love ya kiddo. God bless you and keep you safe. Troy