Friday, June 29, 2007

back to work, felt good.

ahhhh, a sigh of relief after I got done with work today. This sounds kind of odd/funny, but I didn't miss this country too much, but I definately did miss my job, and working. I like staying busy, and earning some cash. It makes the day go by faster, and I just like the people at Vision Scapes, they are fun to work with, and easy to get along with. Very chill work atmosphere.

After work I went over to Tony & Amber, Nick and Brandons' house. I work with Tony, Nick and Brandon, and our boss owns and rents their house to them. It is really cool, and pretty big, they have a huge back yard, and it is right by work, so you can very easily walk to work.

After all that jazz Chris took me home and I got cleaned up, my buddy Brad called me, here is a picture of Brad.

Brad is a good old boy, from way back in the day. We have known each other from elementary. I like these relationships because I can put all my trust in these people and feel confident. Brad a good guy, plain and simple. Yea, so brad called, and after me and chris chilled out at the house for a bit, all of a sudden it was 9:30PM we were both suprised, so we drove to brads, chilled with some peeps, and played with Kaido. Kaido is Brads Pit Bull, it is an awesome dog, I have had the pleasure of watching Kaido grow up from a pup.
Definately not a pup anymore, and if you make him will regret it. lol. but it's not even funny................
today, and work and play I definately noticed a difference in my tremors. It seems they aren't hardly noticable unless I am under a great deal of stress. This is great, I think the real test will be in Church on Sunday during worship time. That's where I noticed them, wouldn't that be awesome if thats where I noticed them not there?

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