Monday, June 04, 2007

some pictures...stem cells....the usual

If my count is correct, today is Day 17 in China. It is a beautiful evening as I sit in the computer room and write my blog. The windown is open, the city is lit up, and it is fairly clear out. You can see building tops and streets for miles. The usual sound at night here goes like this. Honk Honk, Bgrrhhhhh(rattly engine noise) Wheeee yoooooooo Wheeeee yooooooo(occasional siren), screeeeech(Brakes rubbing from a near by city bus) and sometimes, just sometimes, crack crack boom boom(fireworks being shot off, usually for a wedding or special occasion). Thats what it sounds like here. I know this, because I just stuck my head out the window and listened. SO, today I went out because I wanted to find some presents for some friends, which I did. And I also wanted to find a Digital Photo Developing shop. They definately have those here, and you can get your digital pictures turned into regular photographs for very cheap. I got 5 pictures developed, and it cost me less than an American dollar. This is a picture of the girl working on the pictures for me at the photo shop. I was getting some pictures developed of me with Lynn and her family. Her mom's face lit up when she saw what I did. Totally worth my while.

When I got back to the hospital, I was informed that I was going to get some stem cells today. Thankfully I didn't have to get them via spinal cord. I got the injections by I.V. This came as a a bit of a relief to me, mostly because I don't think I will have the troubles with the Head Aches that I have been having. So, this is how it went down.
First things first. Lets get the tools, and get that I.V. in place.

Here is the stem cells. A little bit of a yellowish tint. SO, it sure is a lot easier than getting another hole in the back. :-)

And then I am left with this. I have been interrupted so many times while writing this BLOG. I don't have normal access to the Computer room while the Americans and Chinese are moved inbetween different rooms. Once the old Americans get sent home things will calm down and everything will go back to normal. DONE!

Night ya'all.........or good morning.

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