Saturday, June 09, 2007

Similar opinions and views.

The more I have a chance to interview and talk with the Chinese patients, the more I come to realize that they have many views and opinions similar to that of Americans. The only thing that does not get in their way is all the bureaucratic non sense. WHY then can’t the country which is the most blessed in all ways you can think of think like the Chinese? Why do we have to let all the stupid little things get in the way? Ohh, what did you say? Did you say it all comes down to money? HUH? Money? Ohhh that’s right, who can make a buck off of stem cells? Is that what it really comes down to? YES IT IS.

I just got done watching Fly Boys with my mom; it is an extremely good movie. I really liked watching it. Hardly any swearing and it is extremely intense and exciting. I would give it 2 thumbs up.

I strongly reccomend this movie to anyone who likes good movies. I have been spending more and more time with Danny. The guy from Florida who got in a motorcycle accident and can only move with his lips and head a little bit. Man, he is quite the guy. All those things go wrong in his life, and it really puts things into perspective. I take so much forgranted, I have really been learning to count my blessings on this trip. Count them over and over, and when you are about to complain about something stupid and meaningless, count your blessings again.

I got a bunch of guys interviewed today, Me and Angel, the translator were really happy with the work we got done, I am going to collect the videos and still pictures into a useable format, and post them on my BLOG first, then we will see what happens after that. It's really fun though, and the Chinese people seem to trust me. They trust me with really personal feelings, and I think that is really awesome, I have made many many friends in the process.

Physically I feel pretty much the same as usual. I still have my tremors, and the vision in my lfet eye is still blurry like it has been. No big changes. I also havn't noticed enough cognitive changes to say anything is due in part to the stem cells. But, I can't stress enough, I believe with my specific situation, TIME WILL TELL.

P.S. I got a chance to talk to Chelsy for an hour on the phone, it was really nice to hear her voice. ;-)

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