Thursday, June 21, 2007

West beer town.

Today I was pretty lazy. But hey, of all the days I have been here, I think I deserve a couple of days where I just lay in bed, sleep, and not do anyhthing. So, it was nice. Yes, I did this till maybe 2:00P.M. till it was time to get up and take a shower. Once that was accomplished, I called Chris and Melanie, and found out what the plans were for the evening. Looked like it was going to be dinner, and then to West Beer Town. WHOO HOOOOO!!

SO, me, my mom, Lance, and his wife Gabbie went out to eat with Eric, Melanie, and Ashley. We went to this restauraunt where you pick all your food, and they make it for you. It was fun and all, but just different.
Yes, we had a wonderful meal and then we went off to the hot spot of the evening. West Beer Town!!!

Live entertainment, drinks, food, music, lights, everything!! From comedy, to a strong man blowing up a medicine bag, this show had it all, and was very fun. Melanie got a little taken by the show and before you know it she was dancing on the table top. From what I could gather, all the Chinese there loved having all us Forigners there to play with. We loved being played with too. So, it was good. Learn a little, have some fun, and Enjoy life. That is what went down tonight.

Also, I did another Chapter on Apostle Peter. Today we covered the part where Peter denied knowing Jesus. Pretty important part, and I loved it when God connects a Bible study to everything that is going on in my life. Its a good reminder that I am not in charge.

Pray that I be put next to someone really unique on the plane ride from Hong Kong to L.A. I want some interesting conversation, and I want to be able to share the word if I need to.

God bless,


P.S. I can't believe I have to leave China. Nothing in me wants to leave this place behind. It has grown on me like a fat kid grows on cake. I don't want to leave this new and exciting place. I do not want to leave my new friends, I want to make this place home. Strange?

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rileydster said...

The study of the denial by Peter is good but you must remember that there is an afffirmation, post resurection,(John 21) by Peter of his love. Christ asks Peter three times if he loves him and each time Peter states that the Lord already knows the answer.

The second part of the affirmation is a command to action. "feed my sheep"

You are in the country that has one of the largest growing Christian populations. Your love of the people there will show them His love as well as yours.

God Bless.