Thursday, June 14, 2007

I love CHINA!

Today I got a bit restless, to cease as much of this antsyness as possible, I created some goals, and just started walking. My goals were this; get gifts for people back home, and get as close to the Nuclear Cooling towers as possible, and snap a picture. Well, as I sit here updating my blog at 11:57PM in China, I can say Goals Accomplished! I passed many interesting things. I got a laugh out of this one. When I passed a police station, there was a police car sitting, running, with the lights on. And inside there were 2 police men PASSED OUT! HA! It was pretty funny to see. At least to me it was.This is a Donkey. He really wanted me to take his picture, So I did. I am pretty sure it was FLEA infested and may die soon, but he was happy that I took his picture.
This was the DVD shop I found. The lady on the phone was talking to Angel. Angel was telling her where I needed to go. Then her husband went out in the road and got me a Taxi and told him where I needed to go. Ohhh, yea. This DVD shop I was in.........I kind of figuered out that it was a rental shop........But I foget where it is, so I paid 50RMB for the movies I got, and if I were to bring them back, I would get 40RMB back, but that isn't going to happen.
This is me approaching the cooling tower, I just had to cross over the rail road tracks.
This was as close as I could get. Mission Accomplished for rizzle. I know that it probably a little weird that I have such an obsession with the nuclear power plant cooling towers...but hey, it's a hobby while I am in China.

Much later on in the day, my mom and I went out to do some late night shopping. She found her english speaking friend Lily, and introduced me. We had a good time, and together we found Chelsy a cute little chinese outfit. very Zesty.

God bless,


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Anonymous said...


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I too have MS, was dxed in 1998 at age 32, by the time 2001 rolled around I could no longer work, I was crawling to the bathroom to use the facilities, and had been told that I would NEVER see better out of my right eye than 20/1000 (MS took all sight from that eye for several days, 4 months later a Neuro told me that (20/1000) was as good as it would ever be, and to "learn to adjust to it".

Fortunately, God blessed me with "stubborn". I didn't like that answer since ALL I had the ENERGY to do by THAT time was READ or watch TV... as it was I was I was sleeping 12-17.5 hours a day...changing 1 kitty litter box took so much out of me I had to lay down and rest for 1/2 to 1 hour b4 I could change the other one...

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