Thursday, May 31, 2007

i'm gonna sleep good tonight!

Well, Today started out very slow. I didn't sleep at all. When I say at all, I mean, I was walking and on the Internet most of the time. NO SLEEP!! I had a little extra energy from my Stem Cell injection, but I had a lot on my mind. When I have a lot on my mind, I tend to just lay and think. When I think, my mind races so much, I can't allow my Brian to shut off. Want a name for it? Lets call it, Racing mind syndrome.

Well, I will tell you what. I was up and ready to go at like 5:00AM. lol. I almost made a fool of myself too. OK, so once I got the nurse on call to unlock our floor, and grand me access to the outside world. I decided to use the exit I had never used before. The exit with no elevator. This is what happened because of my decision.

First thing I did was walk down the never ending flight of stairs. Yes, I am on the 10th floor. But these steps seemed to never end. Once I got to the bottom of the stairs. GUESS WHAT? All the doors were still locked from the opposite side..with chains and what not. LOL. SO...I had to make a decision. Jump out this perfectly good window with a hole in my back, and risk damaging something or myself........OR walk all the way back to the 10th floor and walk down the hall way, and to the elevator....I seriously stood at this window for close to 10 minutes to contemplate whether or not I was going to hop out of it.

I had it all planned out. This picture is taken from the window. It was maybe a 6 1/2 foot drop. I was going to hang out of the window, then lower myself down. I would have probably only dropped maybe a foot at most..........But believe it or not, my good judgement overruled my laziness and I walked back up the never ending stairs.

SO, once I finally got out of the hospital. I headed over to the Park that is across the street. In the early morning, this park is booming with activity. There are women dressed in their traditional wear, doing aerobics. There are men with long, loud, leather and metal whips whipping at stuff. Check out this VIDEO FOOTAGE. Click me

Not to mention the HOARDS of people walking. Walking, biking, skating, jogging, standing, sitting, eating, watching, smiling, frowning, staring, sleeping. You name it, they are doing it! Right here, in this park. At like 5:30 AM. It's great, And I love CHINA.

Once I got out of explore park mode. I settled down a bit, thought about my task at hand. I want to interview Chinese people from the hospital. I want to get their stories, input, and experience. I want to place all of that on my blog. Here is the plan. Hopefully, once the new American people get settled in at the hospital, I will have a little more access to Sid, to translate for me with the Chinese patients. Then I can have a one on one session with individual people. I am excited. I am going to do a really good job. You will see.

Ohh, and to end the night on a wonderful note. My mom made some killer spaghetti. it was how do you say.....YUM!


Chelsy Allison said...


Are you deliberately trying to make my new job hard? Today, let me tell you, it was a bad one Mikey. Haha. You can count on me though. I hope you call me soon!! I miss you!! I keep praying for you and I hope everything is still going alright!!

Hilary said...

Hey Mickey,
I've been reading your blog and getting a real kick!!! I'm a young 50 year old goat, whose had MS for 30 years now. Stuck in bed for some 15 or so years now and I am looking foward to stem cells to bring me from bones to buff and maybe some movement too! Anyway, enough about this old goat. . . I'm enjoying reading your story and I'll keep checking in on your blog. I wish you the best for a quick and speedy end to your illness, safe journey home, keep me posted kid! Best Wishes!!

Mikey said...

Chelsy, you are the light at the end of my tunnel. I am so happy to have you in my life miss.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.