Friday, May 04, 2007


ok, so today i did something i felt horrible about. I hurt a fellow co-workers feelings. It was so selfish and unnecessary too. I let something so stupid bother me, then I unloaded my frustration on someone who is a way better person than i could wish to be. I felt horrible, i felt horrible even after i appologized. I have to watch my tongue. that is the lesson learned, the saying, the tongue is mightier than the sword is sooo true.
Now, on the the awesomeness. When i was mowing at an addition called the Dells of Bittersweet, News Channel 15 met up with me, and did an interview and got some "action shots" of me mowing. Check it out.

Alyssa Ivanson

Alyssa was really great, super easy to talk to, very professional, and smart. It was fun to be interviewed by her. I think I have a lot to live up to now. But i am up to the challenge. It's crazy, cuz i see her on T.V. all the time, and BAM she interviewed me. That is so cool. I am so happy with my situation.

I learned many things today. I think I have become a little more enlightened by my experiences today. Please pray that I have the strength to deal with my emotions. God will know what you are talking about. ;-)


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