Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New guy, New book, hard rain, and 18,000 bucks.

Today at work my so called "replacement," showed up. As soon as Mark (my boss) introduced him as "Mikey's replacement," I announced that I could never be replaced....semi-sarcastic. ;-)

Around lunch time, Bill drove me to Grabill Bank (my bank) to wire the rest of the payment to China. I did this, and it was a super good feeling. All that work and fundraising was summed up on one little paper. Click on the paper to see the actual $18K payment that was sent to CHINA!!

So, off to work as normal. I love and hate training new guys to weed-whip. Mostly because it reminds me of when I started and I destroyed siding, burnt out grass, and cut cable lines. LOL. I like it, cuz I can think to myself, ha ha ha, yea i know how much that sucks.

Around 3:00 I get a call from Alyssa, the reporter from WANE, News channel 15. She scheduled a time she would come over and do an interview. I was all ready for the interview when it started raining at insane amounts. Seriously, it was a hard core down pour for a good 45 min. Sooo much rain. This caused Alyssa to call me back and tell me she couldn't make it, cuz when the weather gets real bad like that, she gets put on call for weather damage reporting. So, i will hear from her tomorrow to re-schedule.

After all that excitement, I ended up at small groups. It was really good. We started reading this book. It is about the apostle Peter. I read the introduction of 6 pages, and Chad and Tiffany were both happy with my choice. I am excited to do the first lesson. Fer shizzle my nizzle.

When everything was done and said, this is the logical conclusion I came to. Chelsy Allison Vaughn is the most adorable creature I have ever laid eyes on. Plain and simple.

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