Saturday, May 26, 2007

Scotty's B-Day Celebration fantastico!

Today started off a little bit differently than usual. It is Saturday, but no one has the usual activities. This morning, a lot of the physical therapists aren’t working because of like interns and meetings that are going on. Also, a lot of the nurses had exams today. So, amidst all the activities I managed to slip out for a bit. This morning I didn’t go to acupuncture, which was a relief, I was glad to take a day’s break from it. I was getting a little sore from it. Not hurt, just sore in certain muscle areas where the needles go in. SO, me and some of the other Americans went to breakfast at one of the international hotels. It was a buffet, and it was really good.

After that, we went back to the hospital, and the streets were booming with activity all around the hospital. Of course, I had to go out. I went to the park, and saw small children in balls floating in the water. They were of course teathered to the land just in case the wind picked up. They have little stands, similar to what you would see at a carnival. You used electronic guns to shoot at the animals. It is just kind of funny to see it sitting out in the middle of a run down park.

So, after I got all the wiggles out of my system, I went back to the hospital, and All the americans gathered for Cake to celebrate Scott's B-DAY.

You gotta love that Chinese cake! It was soo good, and I think it helped the fact that Scott was in China celebrating his B-Day instead of at home with his friends and family.

After the present opening, and cake eating at home. The boys headed out to a fancy restauraunt. I had cow tongue, squid, pork, chicken, and all kinds of stuff I had no idea what it was. Quite the experience. The cool thing was Sid, our translator was with us the whole time. Good people, good times, Good stuff.

This was our live entertainment for the evening. He wasn't that good, but it was funny to listen to him for the 15min. he was playing.

Happy B-Day SCOTT!!!

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