Saturday, May 19, 2007


alright, allow me to recap a little bit from the trip here. By the way, I am currently blogging from the Shenyang hospital. So, this was my journey thus far. It started off in the Indianapolis airport where my best friend Jared, my sister Merideth, and my dad saw me and my mom off.The trip was long...the trip was tedious....the trip never seemed to come to an end, but obviously it did, cuz i am here and i am writing about it.

So, we left the airport in indy to denver, went from Denver to L.A., then from L.A. we went to Hong Kong, then left Hong Kong for Shenyang! Here are some pictures and stuff from the trip.

Here is a picture of the currency in Hong Kong. It looked funny compared to our money, but everyones does.
Here is a picture of the 747-400 Long Haul we were on from L.A. to Hong Kong. It was nice because every single seat had it's own tv and you could watch all kinds of stuff. I guess the trip could have been a HECK of a lot worse.

Here is a pictureo of the Jet line that took us from Hong Kong to Shenyang. LOL. DRAGONAIR!! I was kind of nervous to get on this thing, cuz my mom and I were the only passengers that spoke English. Except for the stewards of course. It was actually a really nice ride. Nice plane, people, and ereything.

OHHHH, of course my favorite part of the whole story. Like 2 days before we left for China, my mom and I were talking to my friend Chris about what the food would be like there. Chris says to us, "Hey, I bet they have really good ramen Noodles." My mom & I just laughed at him, and kind of told him thats stupid, it's china, there won't be any Ramen Noodles. Well, then we ran into this.

I ate there, and it was soo good. They have extremely good Ramen Noodles, and everything. So, lesson learned.....Don't count Chris out just cuz what he says seems off the wall. LOL.

I have so many more pictures, but I am tired, and there is no way I can explain every single picture, so I am going to have to say goodnight, and I will keep updating like a mo FO.

P.S. I miss Chelsy Allison Vaughn like crazy. I miss her smell, her soft skin, her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her everything!