Friday, May 11, 2007

I almost cut my head off today.

I had a little bit of a ~close call~ today. I was mowing a really tricky part next to a pond. There is a really wet and steep hill, with a drop off and water directly to your left. Well, I was mowing it, and going up the steep death hill when my left foot slipped. You control this mower with your hands, so the foot slip caused my right hand to lose grip, which caused the mower to sharply jerk to the left. which made the left wheel slip, and the mower tumbled sideways end over end over end, SPLASH. The blades were spinning full force as they wizzed right by my face. WOW, scared the begeberz out of me. I was shaking so badly after that incident.

I got pretty wet too, cuz once it hit the water, I jumped in to keep it from being submerged, and it was extremely muddy. I am positive God had a guardian angel grab that mower and kept it from cutting my face off. That would have definately hindered the trip to China. :-/

after a hard days work, I get back to the shop and help dave empty the grass and crap out of the truck, then we detail it, and get it all shiny and what not. GOOD STUFF. Then a crazy suprise came rolling in. Me & Dave were chillen right after I parked the truck, when this new dude, "JEFF" rolls in pulling a BobCat on one of the trailors. I noticed he had his Hazard lights on when he pulled into the shop. I confronted him and asked him why, he told me cuz he was driving slow on St. Joe(road the shop it on) and wanted to warn people before he took a left into the shop.....umm that sparked my attention. So I start walking around the truck and trailor. This is what I see!

That is Dave in the picture, and that is what I saw on the BobCat trailor. I went up to him and asked, "when did this happen dude?" He played stupid, and was like...ohhh man, I didn't even know that happened. I just kind of dropped my jaw and was like........bein serious? Now, this is only my assumption, but I believe he is playing stupid to attempt to get out of taking full blame. He probably hit a curb, blew a tire, and tried to get back to the shop before anyone would notice. I mean common dude! you had your hazard lights when you pulled into the SHOP!!!! BUSTED!!!!


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