Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy mothers day to the MOMS OF THE WORLD.

I had a reality check in something called "caring." My mom confronted me, probably in the most polite way anyone could ever do such a thing, to tell me she felt kind of unloved. Now, she knows she isn't.......but the Riley family didn't do a very good job of telling her how important she is to us today, on her 1 day out of the year. Well, it stuck with me, and made me feel like crap. I got her a card, told her Happy mums day, but.......i didn't make her feel special. That was very selfish of me, and again shows how I put all the focus of me sometimes.

MOM, if you are reading this. Know how sorry I am for not making you feel appriciated for everything you do for me and this family. We would be pretty pathetic without you. Nothing would get done, the house would be a pig pin, no good food, we would all probably be obese. You are an amazing woman, I was lazy, selfish, and mean not to make you feel the way you should feel on your day. I love you mom. Hey, were gonna spend a month in China together in a small hospital room. I will make you feel special then. ;-) That is, if you don't kill me.

4 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

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