Sunday, May 27, 2007

If I make Lynn smile, my day is complete.

SUNDAY is the hospitals day off. No one but the nurse on call works on Sundays. SO....I promised Lynn, and her mom & dad that I would go shopping with them. I had a blast, and tried my hardest to break through the language berrier.
I got to push her around in the mall, and outside the mall when we did some street shopping. Which is a big part of Chinese shopping. Also, the malls are fairly non-wheel chair complient, so it can get very difficult to move someone around who is in a wheel chair.

This is a pic. of Lynn's mom feeding her a piece of Squid I believe. YUM YUM. lol.

This is me and Lynn's father. He is a great guy. When the women went inside, me and him had some pretty good "men time." This consisted of him pointing to an object or thing and telling me how to pronounce it in Chinese. OR, I would point to something, and he would tell me how to say it. It might not seem like much, but it was pretty fun, and I would say for at least 15 minutes, we both felt really comfortable with each other. SO, it was good. This is a pic. of lynn's mom shopping for a pair of flip flops for Lynn. Just because Lynn is in a wheel chair, doesn't mean she doesn't like to shop like every other girl her age. She just has to do it in a little bit different fashion. Which is really quite humbling. And sure makes me quite thankful for my legs, life, and everything I take forgranted on an everyday basis.
After shopping was done, we went back to the hospital, then me and my mom went on a wild goose chase to find an international church service created for christians traveling or temporairly living in Shenyang. It too was quite humbling. But GOD has a way of poking at us when we need him too, and when we ALLOW HIM TOO.

Then I watched Jurrassic Park 3 with Lynn, and now I am writing in my blog, before I pass out.

THANK YOU GOD, for everything you have given me. Thankyou for Lynn, and her family. Thank you for GRACE, and thank you for people in my life to keep me accountable. Even when it is easier to just try to impress people, and fit in and be comfortable.

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