Friday, May 25, 2007

head hurts.....had to lay still for 4 hours

I knew this morning that I was going to have my first Stem Cell injection at 4:00pm today. I was definately looking forward to it. BUT, I really thought It was going to be by I.V. injection. I was wrong. It was definately a spinal cord injection. SO, knowing that I was going to be down for the count, and possibly a little under the weather, I went and ran some errands and just walked around China as much as possible. I went to the bank of china right off the bat, then went and got Scott, B-Day boy tomorrow a present. Scott, is an american, taking care of his brother who gave me the juicy quote a couple of days ago. He will be 22 tomorrow, and I got him a little something something. Tomorrow Scott will have a B-Day of his life time! I guarantee he will never forget the Birth Day he had in CHINA! Good times it will be. heh heh heh....;-)

So, after I got his present, I took a taxi back to the Hospital, dropped off the present, then walked what seemed like a long time. My walking time probably added up to like 2 1/2 hours. I enjoyed every minute. Using my pathetic Chinese words to make people smile, and stare. I can honestly say, If i could get 5 Chinese people to Smile at me, and wave. I could call this Trip a success. But, of course, I hope and plan for much much more. After my feet were a little tired. I found a Sunrise International Hotel. I went in, and liked how it looked. Then I spent way too much on some good food.
You gotta love that rack of Lamb. Seriously, it is sooo good!
Here is a picture of me getting my free ride down stairs to get a needle stuck into my spine to inject some stem cells!! Whoop Whoop. If I am correct, and i am 85% sure. I was injected with umbilical cord stem cells. That would be great if i woke up and started speaking Chinese. Get it... sense I was injected with Chinese Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells......I would have a little bit of Chinese in me.........Therefore it would be funny to say.............Nevermind. Here is me heading into the room of sharp needles. This room suprised me by it's cleanliness. Extremely clean, Extremely organized, made me feel Extremely Safe. At this point, there is no turning back. I am in it to win it. I guess you could call this the BEFORE picture. This would be on of the After pictures. The I.V. that is in my arm is connected to a growth factor drip. This speeds up the regeneration of the Myelin Sheath that is being destroyed around my nerves. I think I was feeling pretty much okay, maybe a little bit of a headach. But nothing serious.
This is a picture of Tian Tian, She is my favorite nurse. This is what Tian Tian was hooking into my arm. It is the Growth factor. Fun stuff. Grow Myelin, GROW!!!!!
This is all I have to say for today. I didn't take many pictures, but I guess I was being kind of lazy today. It was my picture break day. I did see like a thousand awesome things. But it's all stuck in my head.

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Janie said...

I know you don't have the slightest clue who I am but I saw the story about you in the paper and on Channel 15. Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement to you. Hang in there! I admire your desire to meet this disease head on and not take things sitting down. Your attitude is awesome. I will be praying for you as you undergo treatment in China. Keep your spirits up!