Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have a hole in my back.

This girls name is Lynn. She is paralyzed from her belly button down. Including her hands. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. Pray that there is a miracle taking place in her body as she has these treatments done. She was an Olympian gymnast. If God can part the red sea, he can sure make this little girl walk again. Pray for her instead of me, just please give her your prayers.

Yes, that's right, a hole in my back. This is what went down. It all started out this morning with ACUPUNCTURE, I learned a very valuable lesson. Today, I learned that once the needles are in, it is a very unwise decision to move your body. Reason being...if you move when the needles are in, it hurts a lot. I had acupuncture needles in my face, spinal cord, and leg/foot. well, some of my butt was hanging out and the nurse thought i needed privacy, so she closed the little privacy curtain. this was bad, because it kept slightly rubbing against the needles. and that hurt. The needles go in like 3 1/2 to 4 inches into your body, so the slightest touch can aggravate your muscles. I tried to move myself. OUCH, i swear it like ripped muscles when i moved myself inward a little. won't do that again. So after acupuncture, sid(translator) said to get into my bed, it was time to remove some bone marrow. this is SID

This is a picture of Sid and a nurse wheeling me down to the 8th floor to get my bone marrow taken out. I think I am the only person in the hospitals history to demand to be taken down on a bed when i didn't need to be. I just wanted to go for a ride. :-)

Also, i am sorry, i wanted to document the procedure, but they would not let me. i got before and after pictures though.

BEFORE(nice butt)

AFTER(hole in back)

They used something similar to a cork remover to drill into my bone, then stuck a needle into the crock remover tool to suck out the bone marrow. Which is rich in stem cells and protein. My back still hurts, and I had to stay still for 2 hours after the procedure. This is what I did mostly.I hate laying on the bed in a city as active and vibrant as this one. There are a million things to do, places to go, people to see. BUT, reality check. I AM NOT ON VACATION, no matter how much i wish i was. So, i will deal with the down time.

I had a little adventure today. My mom has been feeling pretty sick. Her stomach is just not cooperating. It is really yucky. anyways, long story short. She ruined the pot roast, cuz she was unaware of the temperature setting on the crock pot. And so i got some money and trekked out toooo...

good ole, Americana BURGERS! I ate mine up and it was amazing, my mom ate some of hers, but her stomach is just not being nice. THAT WAS MY DAY TODAY!

Good quote to end on.

"I feel more comfortable with the doctors and procedures done in this hospital, than I ever have at any of the hospitals back home."

-Ben Collins


Alyssa said...

Hey Mikey,

Your bolg is so great. I love reading about your trip and seeing all the pictures.

We are all pulling for you!

NewsChannel 15

Alyssa said...

Oops. I mean blog. :)

Cal said...

Hey Mikey,
Just a note,you are in our prayers. Was just checking how you were doing. We are camping right now, Carla says to tell your mother hello.
Drop me a line if you have time.
Uncle Cal