Monday, May 07, 2007

Woops, forgot to blog yesterday.

I did forget to blog yesterday,I passed out at like 9:15, but if i would have, I would have put this picture on it. This is a picture of my dad, he is cooking eggs for an Egg Sandwich. I love these. I am going to miss these so much while I am in China. I bet they use like tiny bird eggs or something. When I got off work today, I hopped in the shower. Got all clean, and was ready to grab my towel. Then, bam. I get all light headed.....and i taste something funny in my throat. Then this happens.
My nose starts spewing out BLOOD. Like it's going out of style, it poured out of my lil nose. Now, It could be because of the dryness and the weather and temperature change. But how do oyu explain the Light Headedness. HUH? HUH?


Anonymous said...

Why do you have a blog? Did you
notice that you have ZERO comments?
I am only commenting because I have
had 2 glasses of wine, and wondering
why in the hell you have any
thing. you are boring, self
centered and who in the hell
cares about you getting a fricking
sun burn, or any thing else

Mikey said...

awwww, hey anonymous. You probably just wanted to be able to say you put something on my BLOG. I understand, must suck not being as cool as me. I do dissagree with one thing you said though. There are so many people around the world that read my blog. So, please don't be ignorent. Lets see, there is hala qudsi, assuming from Mexico. and there is Scott Bushell, from Australia. There is Ken Buchanan from Shenyang, in the hospital actually i will be going to in 9 days. Also, I don't write in my blog to get "COMMENTS" I write in my blog to express myself. To expell my emotions into writing for loved ones and people interested in whats going on in my life. SO, thanks ANONYMOUS.

Bill Powell said...


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