Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wall Mart, China, Skype, and ahhhhh!

Today is Sunday. This means day of rest for the hospital, and Chinese people. Seems kind of odd to me that in a Communist country, they observe a Sunday as their national DAY OF REST. I mean, it is the Sabbath day, but why would that mean anything to them? Just something to think about. So, today started off with a trip down town Shenyang, we went and ate at Holiday Inn. I had some noodles and some shrimp stuff with vegetables and what not. it was good. Then we did a little sight seeing, I went out with this guy, Eric. Eric fell off a house in some far away country and got a serious spinal cord injury. The massive statue we were in front of is of Mau Ze Dong. Mr. Communist himself. Pretty great more comments, i don't want to get my head cut off.
Shenyang is insanely industrial. It is FILTHY here. Seriously, if you open up your window to your room, all this dust, and filth from the streets blows in. Pretty yummy. heh.

My mom and I ventured out into the City today also. We went to Wall-Mart. Above is a picture of Wall-Mart. OMG, this is insane. We got cleaning supplies, and some yogurt. Didn't know how to buy food, what to buy, what most of it was. LOL. then this dude, named David i guess wanted to test out his English. SO, he was trying so hard to help us, but mostly just annoyed us. Wish he could have helped us, was pretty fruitless.

After all that excitement, we went back to the hospital. That is where I am now. I have been trying(for hours) to get my Internet phone to work. I think everything is good, i just have to wait for the transfer to go through. I am talking about the payment of $10 for minutes to make phone calls from an Internet phone to regular land phones. SO, if i haven't called you yet, it isn't because i have been lazy or forgotten, it is because I CAN"T GET MY FRIGGIN PHONE TO WORK!!

Tomorrow I start my first day of treatment. They look at me funny, because i am not in a wheelchair. But, they don't see the MonSter at it's worst right now. They see me in a stage of remittance. Ohh, if they only knew.

I see Chinese couples here, holding hands, kissing, and just loving on each other. It makes me miss Chelsy. Anyways, about Chelsy. I think we are at the status of.....i don't know. But she cares a lot about me, and I do her. I don't want to lose her just because I can't call her my Girl Friend at the moment, so i am just letting it go, and waiting until this stupid phone works so i can call her and tell her on the phone. I think maybe in a little bit, i will go across the street and check out the local park. Here are some random pictures of CHINA.

Crazy American! i know they are all thinking that.


Anonymous said...

hey love--its so weird to think you are in a whole different country right now! all your pictues look so exciting:) i love you and pray for you everday....can't wait to see you when you come home!

<3 britt

Teli said...

This is great info to know.