Tuesday, May 22, 2007

4th day is a great day.

This morning started off like this. I walk up to Sid, at about 10:00AM, I was like "Sid, when am I going to do something?" !MISTAKE! Next thing I know, I see this.

As I see all these people with these needles that stick into their bodies like 4 inches, I am like...Wow, that must be some what painful.............Then, this happens.
This is what the acupuncture was for this morning. In the face it is to help with my vision. In the back and legs it is to help with my tremors. I lost the vision in my left eye when i was 15 years old. It partially came back, but is not 100%. I could go the rest of my life as it is, but if I could re-gain the vision. That would be most amazing! So, after the acupuncture, I asked what was next. They told me that later on in the day i would get a shot that mobilizes the stem cells. Tomorrow they are removing some of my bone marrow. They want to get a bunch of stem cells in that bonemarrow i suppose. I will update as I understand.

After all the hospital related stuff, we had some time on our hands. SO, we did what my mom does best. Hit the street markets, and shopped till we dropped. There are roughly 98 billion tiny shops you can go to in this town. We hit most of them. Kidding, but we went many places.
There are old people playing games with each other all over the place. Some day I will sit and watch, hopefully learn, and play along. My mom thought this fruit looked good. Then we hit the market. I believe it located on Center street. Lots of shops. My mom and I did a little bit of bartering. Got to get the best prices. The venders love Americans. Then we had some free time on our floor. It was really fun. I got to drink some beers, and a little wine. My mom even poured it for me. It was cool, because I proved to her, that I can drink socially, have some good conversation, and be a mature adult. I think it was almost a right of passage. prolly only in China though. LOL.Then, I got to meet this little bundle of cuteness. WOW! I love this little girl. 17 years old. She was an olympic gymnist, and during practice one day she was thrown in the air, fell, and landed on her neck. She is paralyzed from like her belly button down. She showed me many pictures of her in her prime, traveling all over China, and performing for all kinds of people. She was really good. I hope and hope and pray and pray this treatment does her good. She is so positive, and happy. It is people like this that NEED TO WALK AGAIN!! Ya know, you could not put a price on this girl being able to walk again. But i tell you what. If there was a price, I would work day and night, suffering, doing whatever it would take to make it happen. She enjoyed looking through my blog, looking at my friends, and my Chelsy. I enjoyed seeing her smile. It was some time after that when this nurse gave me a shot in my right arm. It was suppose to mobilize my stem cells for the bone marrow removal tomorrow. It is currently giving me a rash around my neck, and making some parts of my body rather sensitive. Not painful or anything like that, just kind of sensitive. GOOD NIGHT!!

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