Thursday, May 24, 2007


so today I got my acupuncture treatment in the morning, the rest of the day was pretty much left blank. I don't have much going on because of my situation. My situation is that I am not disabled. The rest of the Americans that are receiving treatment here are in wheelchairs. This is a good thing, because I am not disabled, but it is a bad thing, because I have to find things to do on my own to keep myself occupied. I did plenty though.

I started off by going to the Bank of China to exchange some travlers checks. It's pretty easy too. I get the translator to write Bank of China on a piece of paper in CHINESE, then I go out to the street, flagg down a Taxi and make sure he knows where the destination is that I want to go to. This is some video I took shortly after I left the Bank of China. It shows how busy the streets in Shenyang are. There is non-stop honking, and the bike traffic is as bad as the cars. No one looks out for each other, it is a free for all. This video was taken during the slowest part of the day also. In the morning during "rush hour" it is unimagionable. Check it out. CLICK ME

After that I went to the bank, and wondered the streets of Shenyang for a bit, I got bord and took a taxi to the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum. Check these pictures out.
Shenyang palace is one of the two remaining ancient palace complexes preserved intact in China. It was built between 1625 and 1636, during the reigns of Nurhachi and Huang Tai Ji-the founders of the Quing Dynasty, and was the imperial residence up to 1644, when the Quing capital moved to Beijing.

Shenyang palace complex comprises over 100 buildings within an area of 60,000 square meters, and is divided into three parts; Dazhengdian Hall and Pavilion of the inggong palace in the middle and Wensuge Pavilion in the..........Yea, this is all out of the tourist book. I'm done with that. Check out these pictures though.
This next picture needs a little bit of an introduction. It is a stone sclupture for a body guard who offered to be burried alive with his whatever in order to pay respect and to be immortalized within the royal family..........I'd say it's worth it............................
After I was done with the Imperial Palace, I went back to the Hospital and watched a movie with 2 cool dudes.



Eric a.k.a. Dr. Biggs

After the movie, Sid, the translator took me and Dr. Biggs out to eat at a kick a** BBQ place. We had all kinds of yum yum food. Lamb, Squid, Rabbit just to name a few. It was a really good time, and I am glad Sid offered. Sid is a really kind and gentle person. Extremely helpful and pretty much holds the 10th floor together. My hat goes off to this man.
Now thats some Chinese food for ya!!

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Jon said...


Sounds like things are going well. Hopefully they will being going better after your first stem cell treatment. Check out Betty's blog for some encouragement

Can you get Dr. Biggs to update his blog?

Thank you.

- Jon